3 Simple Ways To Get More Book Sales From GoodReads Marketing

If you’re looking for a powerful way to promote your book, you no doubt have heard of the massive power of GoodReads’ 17 million+ SUPER avid and passionate readers?

GoodReads encourages shameless promotion and you’ve got to love that.

What I love the most is the fact that they were bought out in April 2013 by the King Kong of online publishing – Amazon!

I know-I know GoodReads is confusing, overwhelming and a lot to take in … especially when your only goal in life is writing and not “promoting”.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s now officially impossible to put out a book and see exponential sales if you don’t promote the heck out of it!

Frugal Book Promoter With Carolyn Howard-Johnson

Carolyn Howard-Johnson has played a big role in my development as an author lately and it happened in the most unexpected way!

You can imagine how thrilled I was to be able to interview her to understand more about her success.

Carolyn has an impressive resume: she’s a long time publicist, full time Multi Award-Winning author and teacher at UCLA!

In this interview we talk about her Award Winning book The Frugal Book Promoter and we talk about the concept of how authors can promote themselves for nearly nothing and get in front of a hungry audience of ideal readers.

13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

I’ve written in the past about the importance of an author site, but since I’ve been talking to more and more clients about this in recent consultancy sessions, I thought I’d highlight it again in a new post.

Your author website is your gateway to more book sales! It’s really that simple and it’s really that important.

In the past author sites were a big job and required you to know online marketing really well, but I’m happy to report I’ve change that.

I’ve co-created a Bestseller Approved Wordpress Author Website that makes it so much easier for you to have a really professional presence online.

Sell More Books Using The Last Page Of Your Book

One of the easiest ways to sell more books is to actually tell your readers about your other books in each book you write.

Now you might be thinking, OMG! Krizia! Do you need I should include links to other books I’ve written in the last page of my book?

The resounding answer to that is YES!

I’ve always found it surprising how many clients hesitate to highlight some of the other amazing work they’ve done.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, then perhaps a recent GoodReads survey revealed a shocking fact that supports what I

just shared with you.

Wattpad Allows You To Engage with 10 Million Readers

In 20013, Allen Lau has a big idea. He envisioned a mobile service that would let you read books on the go, and the content would largely consist of stories posted by other Internet users, not big name authors.

Think about it – 2003! Who was thinking of e-readers, reading emails on mobile phones or even the Kindle explosion.

Allen Lau is what I call a visionary. He saw a trend well before anyone else.

Not only Wattpad a real cool concept for authors looking to promote their books to a crowd of hungry book buyers, but it’s a

100% Canadian owned and operated company.

You know I had to plug that in!!!

Your Book Title Sells More Books

Do you want to double or triple your book sales? Keep reading!

Do you want your work to be noticed? Then you’ll have to come up with a book title that grabs people’s attention!

It’s pretty simple, right?

You should know that the most important words you’ll ever write are the words associated with your book title!

The first thing I ask my clients is always if they’re married to their titles.

If not, then we start an extensive research on Kindle.

Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur

Shae Bynes and Antonina Greer wrote Kingdom Driven Entrepreneur in a matter of weeks while living in two different cities and never have met each other. They created a powerful book marketing launch and after building an impressive list of followers, they were able to create a faithful community of fans who are all connected [...]

12 Writing Rules To Boost Your Productivity

If you’re looking for a little inspiration with your writing, I have 12 writing rules that will help get you back on track with your writing!

1. Make writing a habit. If you write every day, you get better at writing every day. In his book Outliers, Malcolm Gladwell said, “You have to have 10,000 hours in a subject to be an expert.” By that he meant that those 10,000 hours will allow you to become a phenom – aka you’re so freakishly awesome you standout among your peers. That’s when you as an author becomes renowned by your name only – think J.K. Rowlings. In the entertainment & sports world, think of Peyton. Tiger. Venus. Kobe. Oprah. Madonna.

2. Don’t bore your readers. Let’s face it, if it’s boring to you, it’s boring to your reader. Inject life, fun and drama into your writing.

3. Get a writing routine and stick with it. A routine will allow you to build a successful publishing business.

Kindle Launchpad Review | How To Sell MORE Books On Kindle

Would you like to know how to sell over 7,000 fiction books in 7 days? Keep reading!
Check out the video review for Kindle Launchpad below

There are tremendous opportunities for fiction authors on Kindle because they are so popular and a quick-impulse-buy.

The only problem for most fiction authors is they’re really good at writing a great story, but not so much at building an audience and getting book sales.

Todd Jones is a fiction author and online marketer who has found the formula that allowed him to sell 7,000 fiction books in 7 days!

He’s recently created a product showing other fiction authors how to duplicate his success.

5 Lessons Fiction Authors Can Learn From Miley Cyrus & Paula Deen

I could have closed my eyes and selected any celebrity for this post because they are masters at leveraging the passion their fans have for them and they know they can make major PR mistakes and their fans will continue to support them.

We’ve recently seen Paula Deen in hot waters with her comments about the good “old South”. I’ll tell you that I can understand why a number of blacks living in the U.S. aren’t all that keen in reliving those days of the good“old South” when they weren’t free. I don’t know about you, but slavery just doesn’t sound all that sexy.

Sorry Paula, I was with you and loved your accent and all, but that referred didn’t do it for me!

There was a huge backlash in the media, but that didn’t prevent Paula’s fans from rallied behind her.

Best Fonts To Use For Your Book

Before I share the do’s and don’ts, I can tell you that when in doubt – OUTSOURCE IT!

I strongly recommend that you use a typesetter for your book to ensure your book design and layout look as professional as possible.

You can easily find someone on Fiverr who is quite experienced.

That said, to make it easier on your typesetter and to reduce your cost, I suggest you learn the basics when it comes to which are the best fonts to use in your book and which ones you should avoid at all cost.

As a general rule of thumb professional editors will tell you that “sans serif” fonts are best kept for titles and sub-tiles, while “serif” fonts are best for the text.

Self-Publishing Can Help Land A Publishing Deal

I know my title is shocking, but it’s true you can self-publish your own book and still land a lucrative publishing deal.

Farnoosh published her first Indie book on juicing in early 2012 and before you know it, she was selling $2000-$4000 worth of books each month!!!

Her success quickly landed her a publishing deal and in this interview we find out exactly how this career/corporate coach went from never haven written a book to signing a contract with a publishing house.

How Many Books Do You Need To Sell To Become A Bestseller?

“Bestseller” is a manipulated term. If you want to be a bestselling author, take out a $100,000 loan and buy 15,000 of your own books from Amazon.” ? Patrick Snow

Before I get into the meat of this post, I want to acknowledge the strong opening quote. It’s a bit shocking, but I’ll explain a bit more a little later — Keep reading!

The reality is that so many authors dream of hitting that coveted top seller list! Let’s face it, it’s the equivalent of becoming an Oscar Winner for us authors.

Kindle has made it easier than ever for nearly every author to hit that coveted position of becoming an Amazon Bestseller.

Amazon’s CEO and founder, Jeff Bezos, is one of the business people I admire the most in the world because his incredible vision, which many laughed at, has changed the way we discover and buy books.

Amazon is undoubtedly the biggest bookseller in North America and most likely in many parts of Europe.

37 Most Common Misspelled Or Misused English Words!

Guy Kawasaki even has publicly admitted that no matter how many times you read your book or how many editors review it, chances are there will be a few errors that you miss.

It’s one thing to have a few errors here and there; it’s a completely different one to have a book trifled with obvious grammatical errors.

One of the biggest challenges for people who are writing books and who didn’t go to writing or journalism school are words that sound alike, but have very different meaning.

The reality is that if you want to use a book as way to boost your authority, credibility and influence, you’ll want to be careful of grammatical errors because they could turn off your audience.

10 Benefits of Becoming An Amazon Bestseller

***I’m giving away a report showing you how to become an Amazon Bestseller. You’ll find the link at the end of this article!!!***

Writing a book is an incredible accomplishment! That said, given the new publishing era we live in, publishing your own book has never been easier!!!

Given this new reality, authors have to take it up a notch in order to stand out. It’s no longer good enough to publish or self-publish your own book, you also have to become a Bestseller to really get people to pay attention.

It might never have seemed all that important to you to become a bestselling author, but by the time you’ve finished reading this article, I’m sure I’ll have convinced you of the powerful benefits of adding “Amazon Bestseller” to you title.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that striving to become an Amazon Bestseller has nothing to do with a get-rich-quick-trick.

Ugly Baby by Kim Duke

Kim Duke, aka The Sales Diva, talks about her new book Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear And Give Birth To Your Odd Idea, Start A Business, Or Invent Something Cool.

The inspiration for her book is very interesting – it’s all about helping women surpass fears they share with her behind closed doors.

Women won’t admit publicly to their fears, but they will one-on-one and it’s amazing what paralyzes us.

Kim tackles this in her book and offers real solutions women can use to overcome fears that keep us playing small.

You’ll find that many of Kim’s advice resembles Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead message. Although most of us are free to pursue any dreams we might have, it’s incredible how many of us hold our brilliance hostage.

10 Things I Learned While Editing My Rough Draft

Before delving into the editing of your book, I’d suggest allowing yourself a few breathing days. This will allow you to have more perspective and you’ll be better able to correct your first draft. I’ve also found that taking a few days off allowed me to emotionally disconnect myself from the copy and that made it much easier for me to cut out entire chapters when I felt they wouldn’t serve my readers.

Here are a few additional things I learned during the first editing process that might help you as well:

1. Make it stand out. You’ll want to use red pens and markers to really allow you to make some surgical changes to your copy.

How to Use Google+ for Book Promotion

I’m a huge Google+ fan and have been since earlier this year. I’ll admit to being late at the party, but once I discovered the power of Google+ Hangouts, I was a convert.

I’ll admit to having opened a Google+ account a year ago, but I really wasn’t doing much and quite frankly found Google+ to be another painful social media site I was forced to manage to increase my visibility.

After having a really hard time finding a good platform for Live interviews, my discovery of Google+ Hangouts was a life changing moment and since then I’ve been an evangelist telling anyone who wants to listen of the merits of Google+ for your business.

How to Become A Bestselling Author?

Writing a non-fiction book is the most important marketing strategies for professionals and experts.

A book that is written with purpose can serve your business like no other marketing vehicle out there.

Here are a few reasons to illustrate, how a book can help you meet your business goals:

1) A book is the ultimate brochure – it promotes your services and business and gets you FREE publicity. Most important of all, it gets you more ideal and high quality clients and it gets you also a lot of new referrals and more business – period!

2) It makes you stand out among your competitors – I like to tell my clients that the book is the ultimate way of “being heard” and “being seen”!

31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones

JP Jones has managed to find time to write two best selling books while managing 5 successful companies.

Her latest book 31 Days of Marketing is a simple instructional guide for small businesses who are looking to understand the basics of marketing.

JP’s book has won numerous awards and I’d reckon it’s because her book is simple, practical and most importantly easy to implement.

For intent purposes, a newbie to marketing can pick up JP book and in a little over one month can have a good understanding of marketing and feel empowered.

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