7 Ways To Get More Business From Your Blog Content!


Writing content on a regular basis is one way of leveraging your blog, but there are a few other key strategies that have nothing to do with writing content that can have epic impact on your blog.

In this post, I’ll share them and show you how to implement them.

7 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

Nothing is more disheartening than writing content for your blog week after week and to check out your stats to only see a handful of blog readers engaged with your content.

Blogging takes time, but there are ways to improve on what you’re doing to see results faster.

In the following lessons, I’ll share 7 reasons why no one is reading your blog and what you can do about it.

How To Promote Your Blog Content!

How to distribute your content to the right people might be the most challenging dilemma you’ll face if you blog to help promote your business or your brand.

Not enough blog writers think about the available audience they have for the content they are putting out.

For example, if I create an e-book that I want people to download, I could roughly calculate the possible audience for that I want people to download, I could roughly calculate the possible audience for that e-book as:

* If I get 10,000 monthly visitors and 6% of them download my free report, that means 600 people a month are totally engaging with my content.

15 Essential Blog Copywriting Tips For Authors

I apologize in advance, but I’m going to have to use a dirty word for most authors – SEO.

If you have a blog integrated to your author page, you’ll want to make sure that you see the benefits from all these hours of feverish writing.

I know marketing is not always the most enthralling topic for authors so I hope these copywriting tips for your author blog will help you see results faster.

Since your time is precious and I’m sure you’d rather focus on coming up with amazing books, the idea when you sit in front of your laptop to write a blog post is to make sure you make it easy for Google to give you lots of love.

18 Things You Need To Know About Self-Publishing Your Book

You have completed your book and now you’re ready to publish!

You have two options:

1. Publish your book with the involvement of a third-party publisher, or

2. Become a self-published author.

Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!

First impressions count in life and on Amazon. If you don’t believe look at this follow below and tell me you don’t agree!

The reality is that people DO judge a book by its cover … and they do so within a matter of seconds!

Don’t kid yourself in thinking that if you want to be successful with your Amazon books, you can upload any ugly cover and expect buyers to trip all over themselves all the way to the payment cart – it’s just NOT going to happen.

There is a darn good reason why the BIG publishing companies pay hot-shot graphic designers THOUSANDS of dollars to design their book covers.

Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

You have now finished your book and you’re thinking about your next step: selling and where to sell your book.

One of the best ways to make your book known to the readers would be the word of mouth recommendation. It’s absolutely free and an effective way to make your book known to readers.

You can also join online communities like Online Book Clubs to reach out to a good number of readers. Book clubs can help with your book’s promotion, which would eventually lead to an increase in sales.

The Ultimate Guide To Picking A Book Title

Picking a book title should NEVER be like picking a dessert at a restaurant.

The title for your book should never be a random after-thought. Picking a good title for your book is like a science with a dash of art!

Thanks to the power of Kindle algorithm (to complicated internet code that helps us pick our next favourite read), selecting your WINNING book title can be as easy as clicking a few pages and analyzing the data Amazon delivers with a discerning eye!

In the publishing industry, editors pray for the perfect book title — a tight high-concept combination of words that crystallizes the content and intention of the work. A title so scintillating and irresistible that millions of readers want to run out and buy this book immediately or download it with urgency on their e-reader.

5 Ways to Avoid Starting A Sentence with “But” or “And”

It’s true that you want to keep your writing as conversational as possible, but at the same time, you want to avoid mistakes that can lower the grade of what you produce.

No one wants to read Shakespeare on a regular basis, but at the same time no one wants to read sloppy writing because that’s just not engaging.

Writing like you talk might work for a corporate email, but it might be the kiss of death for your fiction or non fiction book – if it’s not well done.

One of the biggest mistakes I see self-published authors make is start a sentence with BUT or AND!

5 Reasons Why Your Book is NOT Selling

As most of you know, I’ve conducted a number of one-on-one coaching right after the launch of the Kindle Bestseller Blueprint.

I was so honoured that so many authors would want my help in promoting their book and climbing the Amazon ranks!

That said, I’ve noticed a series of commonalities among some clients and I thought I’d share a few things you can quickly correct and see better results with your book marketing efforts!

9 Ways To Use YouTube To Sell More Non Fiction Books

Anyone who has been using video and YouTube in their business will tell you that once the videos are out there … you never know who will see them and which amazing opportunities will arise from putting yourself out there.

We’re talking about book deals, media opportunities, joint ventures, speaking engagements, being contacted by a big company wanting to produce the animated version of your kids storybook and so much more!

Video is powerful and it’s really a question of you getting started!

The problem is that most non fiction authors don’t know where to start with video.

5 Facts About YouTube To Sell More Fiction Books

You won’t find a bigger advocate for video marketing and YouTube marketing!

I love this powerful platform because you can connect with your readers via a compelling video like NOTHING ELSE!

The problem is that so many authors are still struggling with the basics of video marketing and YouTube marketing and I hope this post will help you get started with confidence.

You might be surprised to discover that there are MANY ways to create simple videos to promote your book.

As a fiction author you can use video to bring characters and events to life and really solidify that bound you have with your readers.

How To Build A Killer Press Page

NEWSFLASH: There are millions of books uploaded on Kindle and Amazon ever week. If you want to sell more books, it has to be clear – what makes yours different?

You have to define that if you hope of getting featured in big media or getting into retail outlets.

If you have a physical book, you’ll want to drum up some interest among smaller retailers because there are still a number of them in most cities and they do account for a good number of book sales.

Smaller retailers appeal to an audience of book lovers who still want that physical connection with a book before buying it.

When I had published my own physical book, I really didn’t know I needed one and I believe I was sharing a short blurb via email with smaller retailers in the hope they’d carry my book.

How To Increase Book Sales!

This is a summary post because I recognize that everyone gets on my list at different types, and it’s always good to go over the basics and refocus on the important elements that will you write a book people want to read and market it like a Bestseller!
8 Ways To Sell More Books Like A Bestseller:

1.Write your masterpiece. You can use in Microsoft Word, or any other word processor.

How To Calculate The Page Count For Your Book

It’s a question I get often and I decided to do some research to find an answer that could guide my readers.

There are many important reasons why you’d need to know the page count of a book before you’ve fully completed it.

I learned this first hand a few months ago while helping a client who was trying to estimate things for a physical book.

We played around with the two different formats and once we decided on one, it was a question of determining what content needed to be omitted from the book in order for him not to get hit by a HUGE printing bill.

There’s huge difference in printing cost between a 150 page book and a 160 page book and finding out WELL in advance how many page your book will end up with can have a fairly significant impact on your publishing budget.

The reality is that things are bit different when you move your content from a word document to your final book and the following should be a good guideline:

Social Media Plan 101 For Authors To Sell More Books

I know as an author you already have a lot to do and think of and that’s why I thought it might be helpful to share a quick social marketing plan to make that part of your job much easier.

I know it’s rewarding to get the random retweet or getting a few people to share an announcement about your book, but you don’t want to leave your book sales or the possibility of becoming a Bestselling author to chance!

If your goal is to become a successful author, you MUST have a solid plan or else … it won’t happen.

5 Ways To Create Buzz Before Your Book Launch

Long gone are the days when announcing a new book was simply a matter of putting together a news release, sending it off over the wire and counting on major news outlets to spread the word. Even when you work with a publisher, you cannot count on them doing much publicity for you unless you have a big name.

In this world of self-publishing, it’s up to you the author to promote, market and sell your book!

If you want to catch the attention of your ideal reader, you have to make some noise because there’s so much out there.

20 Ways To Use Pinterest To Market Your Book & Sell More Books

Can you really leverage Pinterest to promote your book?


Check out what comes up when I do a quick search on Pinterest:

7 Best Ways To Get Book Reviews To Sell More Books!

If you’ve published a book or if you’re about to publish your first book, you must have already heard the buzz about book reviews!

Here are a few reasons why book reviews are extremely important to your publishing success:

1. They let Amazon know your book is “worthy” of being featured because people are paying attention and talking (good or bad).

2. It helps with book discovery and visibility – which helps with sales.

3. People are more trusting to buy a book from an indie author when they see others have jumped in and bought a copy before they did.

How To Write A Self-Help Book In 2 Days!

***In this interview with Lina T, she reveals how easily anyone can write a self-help book that sells.***

The big story in publishing is the rise in popularity of romance and erotica books.

Women are consuming these books like they would one-bite-brownies and they just cannot seem to be able to get enough.

Before the recent buzz around the rise in popularity of romance and erotica books, we were all consuming self-help books by the dozen.

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