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Rob Howard, the silent KINDLE NINJA, has done it again!

This new training will allow me to put the entire first series back into KDP select and see some pretty stellar results and show you how to go from 1 to 30 sales/day INSTANTLY!

Rob’s training is an in-depth case study of an author who went from selling 1 book a day to over 30 books a day with a very simple strategy that any author, fiction or nonfiction, can apply to seriously boost their Amazon royalties.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve not had a chance to take a look at the review copy, but I know Rob and I know his training is solid.

As I eluded many times in the past few months, I now take time to go really deep with these new products I promote because I apply them directly to my fiction publishing business.

I’ll be going over Rob’s training during the weekend, but if I were you I would totally get my hands on this product.

It’s 26 pages of pure gold!

>>> Click here if you’re in a rush:

Below, I’ll provide more details on Rob’s new training.

Keep reading…

The method Rob teaches inside Simple KD Sales is, well, simple. It requires nothing fancy. You simply:

* Upload your book.

* Schedule your promo (takes about 30 minutes total)

* And let it run.

You don’t have to beg free book sites, you don’t have to set up fancy Facebook pages, you don’t have to give away your book…it allows you to free up your time with more writing or other things you enjoy doing, instead of needing to obsess over book marketing.

>>> Here’s the link to get started NOW:

Why is Krizia so bloody excited?

You can “chain” together your books and promos, driving sales for ALL your books, even if you just use this technique on one book.

You can also just write a book, upload it, and do this technique, then just start a new book.

Imagine simply writing a book and having it sell immediately. Imagine leveraging Amazon and letting scarcity do the work for you – without any real effort on your part.

>>>Inside Simple KD Sales, You’ll Discover:

* How to grab 70% royalties (instead of 35%) from 99-cent Kindle books. (Bet you didn’t know this was possible!)

* How you can take a dead-selling book and breathe new life into instantly.

* Why most authors that use scarcity get it dead wrong and its costing them sales.

* Why you don’t need a budget, a website, an email list, reviews or some complicated marketing plan to make this work

* How to set up this method in just 30 minutes or less

* What “front-loading and back-loading” is and why you need to do it.

* A promotion website that allows you to steal their commissions for your book! (You get their commissions instead of them, making you even more money)

* How to make this into a long-term strategy that pays out again and again and again.

* How to “daisy chain” your books together, driving further cash into your bank account!

…ALL THAT AND more for less than $20 (promotional price)!

>>> Here’s the link to get started NOW:

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How Make $15,000 Per Month Writing Romance Fiction Wed, 15 Apr 2015 14:00:56 +0000 Krizia book promotion Cory Romance How Make $15,000 Per Month Writing Romance Fiction

Cory Friedman is back. He has joined forces with a fellow who is making $25,000 with his romance publishing business.

This product will show you how to (it’s part video/part PDF):

* Generates romance books quickly

* Grabbing 50+ positive reviews with the click of a button

*And each book is guaranteed to earn at least 100 bucks a month.

Sounds CRAZY?

>>> Click her to check this out:

Cory shows you proof it works inside a video right on that page, you have to see it to believe it.

I was shocked when I saw this, honestly. The way he’s formulated it has dramatically simplified the process of writing and releasing romance books, and they sell.

Inside the guide, he’s going to show you:

* The simple three steps to get any romance book noticed inside Kindle.

* How to skyrocket the rankings into the top spots overnight

* His entire outsourcing system that produces high quality, 15,000 word romance books for 60 bucks or less!

* How to get easily ranked for the best keywords

And more

His guide is excellent… and it’s SUPER AFFORDABLE!

One big thing I like is how Cory Friedman’s partner shows you a complete, hands off approach to writing and selling romance novels, which earn anywhere between $100and $500 bucks a month (per book). Just a few of those and just about anyone can replace their job!

If you watch the video, he shows you his results with the system and it is impressive.

Here’s the list of training you find once you get your hands on the product:

* Kindle Romance Tycoon Core Training: Video 1 22:07

* Kindle Romance Tycoon Core Training: Video 2 7:00

* Kindle Romance Tycoon Core Training: Video 3 16:51

[I checked this video and I did learn a number of new strategies on keyword selections I had never considered before. This training it really well done]

* Kindle Romance Tycoon Core Training: Video 4 23:52

* Kindle Romance Tycoon Quick-Start Cheat Sheet PDF

* Kindle Romance Tycoon System MASTER-PLAN Audio MP3 (Bonus #1)

* My 13 Secret Places To Find Reviewers For Your Kindle Books (Bonus #2)

* Kindle Book Promoter / Review Swapper Outsourcer Training Video

* Instant Low-Cost Best-Selling Kindle Books Done For You (without waiting!) PDF

>>> Click her to check this out:

The training covers:

* How to quickly get 15,000 word romance novels written for you for pennies on the dollar

* How to practically guarantee sales, at minimum of 100 bucks a month per book.

* How you can rank and destroy your competition in one of the hottest, and most competitive, genre’s there is.

*How to turn your buyers into addicts that just keep buying more of your books (this technique is sweet).

I’m still making my way through the training, but make sure to grab it while the price is super low!

>>> Click her to check this out:

>>> Here’s One Thing I Want To Highlight: When you buy into the program you can join a group of 200+ author Romance authors (myself included) on a private Facebook group where people SHARE THEIR MOST POWERFUL STRATEGIES!


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How to Write Cliffhangers That SELL More Books Wed, 08 Apr 2015 14:00:28 +0000 Krizia book promotion cliffhanger How to Write Cliffhangers That SELL More Books

As a fiction author, you know by now that there is MASSIVE POWER in writing book series.  Whether you’re in Romance, Cozy Mysteries, Thrillers, or Young Adult… The secret to earning more in royalties is to write your books in a series.

All things being equal, once readers are introduced to a book they like, they’re more likely to want to buy the next book in the series.

But soooooo many indie authors get this whole books series strategy WRONG!

If you’re a fiction author or your outsource fiction books, this training is soooooooo for you!

Mr. O (aka Bolaji) has just put out KD Addiction—a 49-page step-by-step guide that teaches you how to turn your readers into addicted fans.

Bolaji has been working with Bestselling Authors for a while and recently one of his clients had a major turnabout in her business.

In three months, this author earned 43,512 in royalties! And they continue to earn five figures each month. They did it with very little promotion and they focus on writing.

Seriously!  Bolaji’s clients are hitting Best Seller status in Amazon long before the book is even released. That shows you how hot their readership is.

And now you can turn your readers into REAL ADDICTS

I know a thing or two about addicted fans. My latest series is getting a lot of my own readers losing their head over my ending.


Here are a few messages I’ve received on FB from my readers within hours of book 2 being published:

“You are killing me. When will book 3 of the seduction factor series be released?”

“Yes you are killing us!!!!!!!!!”

“You’d best be writing whilst your on FB… well on a very short break will be ok! When’s the book out is what I wanna hear!”

“Just read book 2 and posted review SUPERB!”

“”Damn we need more stars! From one knife edge to another…this series is so hot it’s steaming!”


I was haunted by this series for months. The story played in my head like a movie and when it came time to write, I knew EXACTLY what was going to happen and how I’d leave my readers to shocking cliffhangers.

So far, this series has collected more 5 Star Reviews than I ever thought possible.

Your ending is the #1 strategy to ensuring readers keep buying your books!


Mr. O (aka Bolaji) has just put out KD Addiction—a 49-page step-by-step guide that teaches you how to turn your readers into addicted fans.

KD Addiction could change your fortune as a publisher in a hurry.I’ve checked this guide out, and it blew my mind. Nothing like this has ever been published, to my knowledge.

In fact, one author used this tiny tweak to go from 1 sale/day, to $12,000/month in royalties.

>>>>10 REASONS WHY I THINK “KD Addiction” IS A MUST!<<<<

p. 11 >4-Step Formula for Heart-Stopping Cliffhangers

p. 16 >9 Types of Cliffhangers (this is fundamental to your education as a fiction author)

p.18 >14 Most Powerful Ways to Write Cliffhangers

p. 26 > The 5 Best Ways to Lose Your Readers Forever (You REALLY need to know about this)

p. 28 > A strategy to leave your readers on the edge of their seat

p. 36 > How to use a strategy that has helped a show on TV remains extremely popular for the past 1,300 weeks (that’s 25 years)

p. 38 >Bolaji reveals a POWERFUL strategy that’s been used for decades by some of the most popular mystery novels you can apply to your own book

p. 39 > Strategy to use the SAME strategy the mega popular show “Lost” use to keep fans begging for more

p. 41 > List of Greatest TV Cliffhangers of All Time

p. 47 > Practical “Addiction Quick Reference Sheet “

>>> Get your hands on Bolaji stellar training by clicking on the link below:

And KD Addiction is at the early bird price!

But I guarantee that’s not going to last…

I try to get you the very best deals – so snag this one on the early bird price….

(before Bolaji comes to his senses! LOL!)

>>>Krizia, What About The OTOs?

Bolaji is offering some of his bestselling trainings as OTOs.

If you’ve not grabbed any of these, do yourself a favour and jump at the opportunity.

>>> Get your hands on Bolaji stellar training by clicking on the link below:

P.S.: Chapter 7 — The 5 Best Ways to Lose Your Readers Forever…

I cringed when I read this one.

I see too many indie authors make this mistake.

Learning how to avoid this, alone, is worth the price of admission (and then some.)

>>> Get your hands on Bolaji stellar training by clicking on the link below:



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How To Rank A Non Fiction Book At #1 On Amazon Wed, 01 Apr 2015 14:00:02 +0000 Krizia book promotion how to rank How To Rank A Non Fiction Book At #1 On Amazon

My mastermind colleague, Derek Doepker, beat out Tony Robbins in the top 100 sold category for a weight loss book.

He entered a new niche (for him), self help, which as you know is hyper competitive. He ended up #1 in that category, beating out DaleCarnegie’s famous “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

And those aren’t the only niches he’s dominated.

***His proof is huge*** – with close to 3000 sales in one day for one book, and a slew of #1 titles in various niches, Derek has discovered what he calls “The Secret Formula” to nonfiction book sales, and he wants to share it with you.

Derek’s training is SUPER in depth and VERY easy to follow and it’s CRITICAL information you need to IMPLEMENT as a non fiction author to be successful!

Books That Sells: Proven Formulas To Make Non-Fiction Books Readers Can’t Resist

>>>>Click here NOW to discover Derek’s strategies:

Here’s how Derek’s training is broken down:

Step 1: Why No One Wants Your Book… Unless You Know These Secrets (Nearly 2-Hour Training Video)

Here are some golden nuggets from the video training:

* Words and phrases you can add to your description today to instantly make it more irresistible.

* The formula for curiosity which automatically makes people hungry for what’s in your book.

* A type of book/phrase that will guarantee intrigue. You can base almost any book you write around this one thing and have a winner!

* What to do if you’ve outsourced your book and don’t know how to make it unique.

* Exactly what to put FIRST in your description in highly competitive markets.

* Real case studies of what’s working and what’s not working. Now you’ll finally understand the psychology behind why things that “shouldn’t” work do and things that “should” work fail miserably.

* Why you shouldn’t hype your book unless you have a few things in place first.

* The exact type of book that will generate intrigue and curiosity, driving sales.

* Case studies, titles, descriptions and more that demonstrate everything he shows you.

* Breakthrough Advertising Kindle book marketing strategies for competitive markets

Step 2: ‘Really Freakin’ Hard To Screw Up’ Formulas

It’s a 51:21 minutes video training where Derek shows you STEP-BY-STEP how to put into action the training he teaches in video #1

You can grab all of that here and start dominating nonfiction!

>>>>Click here NOW to discover Derek’s strategies:



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PROVEN Blueprint To Amazon BESTSELLER Status Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:00:46 +0000 Krizia book promotion amazon PROVEN Blueprint To Amazon BESTSELLER Status

Holy Amazon PROVEN Blueprint!!!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how ordinary authors become Bestsellers…THIS IS THE training for you!

There are so many things for me to be grateful for in the past week:

* My latest erotica romance book hit a ranking of 3000 in Amazon’s paid listing (I published one week ago)

* I’ve added over NEW 400 fans to my Facebook fan page since hitting 1000 fans last Friday (that’s nearly 100 new fans/day)

* I’m getting so many five-star reviews for my latest book, it’s making my head spin.

* My readers are begging for books to in the current series

… Yeah, you can say I have a whole lot to be really grateful for icon smile PROVEN Blueprint To Amazon BESTSELLER Status

That said, I don’t want you to believe this came overnight. I’ve been working really-really hard at this and I’ve also been applying many of the incredible strategies my peers from my Kindle mastermind group have shared in their training.

There’s a reason I highlight the training and the software I use to grow my fiction publishing business… It’s because I had to start from zero when I published my first book at the end of 2014… So in many ways I’m exactly where you are at.

Bill Platt, a member of my Kindle Mastermind group, did announce last week he was hard at work on a new training, but when I checked it out this morning, I have to admit I was completely blown away by the detailed information Bill was willing to share.

>>>Click Here to Learn More…

Bill breaks down some crucial strategies in helping fiction authors &non fiction authors get their books to rank amongst the bestsellers on Amazon with the least amount of headaches.

Let’s be REAL, your book belongs at the top of the bestseller lists, right?

The sad truth is that a lot of book authors sell no more than 30 copies of their book each month.

Yet often, their book is as good as the books currently at the top of the sales charts.

So what makes the difference between a book that barely gets noticed and a book that sells thousands of copies each month?

Usually, the difference can be defined by one thing and one thing only–marketing!

One book has a real marketing plan behind it and the other has nothing.

Last week I told you about Bill Platt’s new training called”Book Marketing Master Plan”. It’s essentially thorough book marketing blueprint for authors –– beginners and even veteran authors.

There are specific strategies for fiction authors and nonfiction authors.

How to Drive MORE Book Sales

How can a new author match the sales of the best-selling author:

* With No Publishing House Behind Them?

* With No Budget For Advertising?

* Without a Big, Well-Known Name?

* Without a Mailing List?

* Without Giving Bookbub a Bunch of Money?

* Without Offering Your Books For Free?

* Without a Bunch of Wasted Time and Effort?

Bestselling authors do not have the best marketing or the largest amount of marketing behind them. They simply have some marketing in place to drive their book sales forward.

This morning, I spent about 45 minutes going over the training and I can’t tell you how blown away I was by the level of detail Bill is will to share in this 49-page PDF.


>>>Click Here to Learn More…

And I would also invite you to really take Bill’s upsell offer into consideration because the price is off the charts. You SIMPLY will be able to ever find an expert book marketing coach willing to work with you for such a ridiculously low fee.

Let me get back to my morning because I’d like to share with you my findings about the training…

Bill breaks down some crucial strategies in helping fiction authors &non fiction authors get their books to rank amongst the bestsellers on Amazon with the least amount of headaches.

The sad truth is that a lot of book authors sell no more than 30 copies of their book each month.

Yet often, their book is as good as the books currently at the top of the sales charts.

So what makes the difference between a book that barely gets noticed and a book that sells thousands of copies each month?

Usually, the difference can be defined by one thing and one thing only—marketing!

Inside the 49-page “Book Marketing Master Plan”, you will learn how to match the marketing behind the best sellers, without maxing your credit card or sacrificing what remains of your limited free time.

>>>Click Here to Learn More…

>>> Here’s why you want to get your hands on this training:

On p. 5 > Bill goes in depth on how to analyze your market to pinpoint books they want to read

On p. 11 >You’ll learn how to Create Interest & Desire with your Nonfiction Book Descriptions

On p. 13 > Bill shows fiction author to also Create Interest & Desire with your Fiction Book Descriptions

On p. 15 > Bill busts the myth that book marketing is expensive by sharing three simple book marketing strategies you can do within 15 to 20 minutes and that will cost you absolutely nothing

On p. 17 + p. 18 > Formula to hiring a great ghostwriter

On p. 22 >Bill teaches you how to grab the attention of some of the top bloggers in your niche

On p. 24 > You’ll learn why building your mailing list can literally propel your book to the top ranks in your category and how Amazon can then help you even further by sending more new readers to your book

On p. 25 > Bill charts out of visual formula to help you determine the ideal price for your book

On p. 28 > Bill dissects a 6-step book marketing formula to help you succeed with your Twitter and Facebook efforts

On p. 30 >You’ll discover how to reach the right audience, create interest in your book, and build trust that you can actually deliver a satisfactory product [for both FICTION + NON FICTION authors]

On p. 31 >You’ll get a step-by-step strategy on how to reach your ideal reader

On p. 33 > You’ll get a list of Fiverr vendors who can help with article marketing to get the word out about your book

On p. 35 > Bill tackles book reviews and how you can get more

On p. 38 to p. 46>You get a complete book marketing plan timeline (yup, that’s 8 pages of content!)

… And MUCH more!

“Book Marketing Master Plan”will teach how to develop and implement an effective book marketing plan, with no money or optionally, very little money…which all LEADS TO SELLING WAY MORE BOOKS!

MAKE sure to grab the training and start implementing these golden nuggets of strategies.

>>>Click Here to Learn More…


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How to Turn Your Books Into Digital Magazines Tue, 24 Mar 2015 14:00:04 +0000 Krizia book promotion digital magazines How to Turn Your Books Into Digital Magazines


Imagine spending 4-5 hours/month working on your digital magazine and making $5,000/month!

I’ll be honest, the first time I heard of online magazines, I thought, “Is it just me, or does creating a digital magazine seem like way too much work?”

That’s how I felt when Sam England’s newest product came across my virtual desk last week, but a few members of my Kindle mastermind explained how brilliantly Sam has managed to make his entire winning process as easy as pie.

>>> Here’s the link to get started now:

I don’t want you to think that creating an online magazine demands as much work as working for a traditional magazine. It doesn’t.

Sam used content from his non fiction books to create a lucrative online magazine publishing business.

Even as a fiction author, there are loads of ways for you to leverage the power of the work you’ve already published!

Here’s the kicker, he’s done it in the most mind-blowing way:

* Without a list . . .

* Without a product . . .

* Without JVs . . .

* Without writing copy . . .

* Without pumping out videos . . .

* Without PPC

* Without SEO

>>> Why Magazine Apps?

1. Huge Market – 170 Million iPad Sold

2. Recurring Payment – Readers are paying monthly for magazines!

3. iPad is an expensive device = Great Buyers for your magazines!

4. No need of support system

5. Low charge back rate

6. Immediate results – you are getting sales from the first day!

The guy, V Maksym, who is working with Sam on this product spends no more than 4-5 hours each month to create a single digital magazine. And, he publishes several digital magazines, because it only requires an extra few hours every month for each magazine he publishes.

Contrarily to what a lot of people might think, Maksym doesn’t write ANY of the articles that he publishes in his online magazines…nor does he buy them!!!

And because he is working with distributors like Apple and Amazon, he doesn’t even have to sweat money collection. They do it for him, and they send him his percentage of the gross revenue every month on time, every time.

For every magazine he produces, he earns four to five figures a month in subscription fees, and he publishes several magazines.

>>>Yup, you might want to re-read that line one more time icon wink How to Turn Your Books Into Digital Magazines

I’ll be honest, finding out about this information has forced me to rethink the idea of digital magazines.

I’m busy building myself as a fiction author under a pen name, but I’m quickly building a hardcore fan base that would eat up a magazine like this in one minute icon smile How to Turn Your Books Into Digital Magazines

If you haven’t checked out the link I sent this morning, I’d definitely take a minute or two…

>>> Here’s the link to get started now:



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How to Write Romance That SELLS! Tue, 17 Mar 2015 14:00:22 +0000 Krizia book promotion writing romance How to Write Romance That SELLS!

So you want to write a romance?

You can feel it inside you but 50,000-120,000 words is a lot of words. Writing them needs a lot of time, a lot of heart-ache. All over the world there are drawers crammed with manuscripts — just started, halfway through, nearly done.

It’s no secret that romance novels have appealed to women for decades. According to research conducted by the Romance Writers of America, 91 percent of the genre’s readers are female.

Since the release of Fifty Shades of Grey, the romantic subgenre erotic romance (or romantica) is thriving. Publishers have taken notice of the fact that the E.L James trilogy has become a pop culture sensation. Berkley books, for instance, re-packaged the self-published Bared to You, by Sylvia Day to better appeal to the Fifty Shades fanbase.

The book, which follows the raunchy encounters of an emotionally damaged pair of lovers, recently reached number 10 on the New York Times bestseller list.

Romantic and erotic fiction remains the top-selling sector of the book market.

If you’re trying your hand at romance writing, one of the most popular fiction genres, you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll find information on developing a dynamic, engaging heroine, her perfect lover, and the conflict that separates them.

Here Are The BEST Romance Training For Authors

book promotion writing romance1 How to Write Romance That SELLS!

1. Erotica Decoded—Erotica is so sizzling hot right now and making so many full-time authors & publisher more money than they ever thought possible!The Erotica Decoded Training is a complete step-by-step system that leaves no stones unturned andclearly explains how you can become the next big name in erotica!

>>> Click here to get started:

2. How to Hook Romance Reader

I spent time this morning studying Lynn Johnston’s‘How to Hook Romance Readers’ and I’m so impressed with the training. I’d highly recommend it!

>>> Click here to see it:

I know I sent this to you already, but honestly for ONLY $10, it deserves your attention.

3. Plotting the Perfect Romance

This training is delivered in 5 hours of video, and it goes deeper into the how and why to construct your romance story.

>>> Click here to see it:

4. Romance Riches

Amy Harrop is going to unlock one of the most in-demand romance categories that can be adapted to a wide variety of subgenres: BBW-themed romance. BBW stands for big, beautiful woman and highlights female protagonists who are curvy or full-figured.

Check it out… You will be glad you did…

Here’s the link:

5. Become a Fiction Romance TYCOON! Do you want to learn how to sell 15k of romance novels without writing a word?Cory Friedman is back. He has joined forces with a fellow who is making $25,000 with his romance publishing business.

This product will show you how to (it’s part video/part PDF):

* Generates romance books quickly

* Grabbing 50+ positive reviews with the click of a button

*And each book is guaranteed to earn at least 100 bucks a month.

Here’s One Thing I Was To Highlight: When you buy into the program you can join a group of 200+ author Romance authors (myself included) on a private Facebook group where people SHARE THEIR MOST POWERFUL STRATEGIES!

Sounds CRAZY?

>>> Click her to check this out:


10 Tips to Write Romance That SELLS!

 How to Write Romance That SELLS!

1. Before you begin to write your romance novel, decide whether you will want to sell your book online or send it to a publisher to have a more likely chance of selling it in stores.

2. Think up characters, especially two main characters, the main two people in the novel. Think of past events in their life, and maybe that could affect them. What are their weaknesses and strengths? Have they had past loves? Get to know your character.

* Characters are a huge part of a romance novel. For the leads to seem “realistic” (if that’s what you’re going for), you must give them flaws. Nobody is perfect, so why make your characters perfect? (However, making them seem perfect to one another is perfectly fine, as long as they have their flaws underneath it all.)

* Don’t have your main characters obsessed with only one thing or one person. The reader should be able to get to know them beyond their romantic interests.

3. Pick their ages. Depending on the group of people you’re writing this romance for, pick the ages of your characters. You’ll want your romance novel to be relatable, so writing an adult romance novel centered on fifteen-year-old’s won’t be a huge hit. Vice versa, if you’re writing a teen romance, try not to make them forty-something, or even thirty-something, as these are the ages of the parents of the kids who will be reading your romance. Tweens and teens devour more romance novels, so it would be best if your characters ranged from about 18 to 24. Direct the ages of your characters to the age group of people you want to read your romance.

4. Decide on the setting. If it’s in the future, it probably won’t look like the world today. If you’re writing paranormal romance, try making up your own world. Base it on what sub genre your romance is on. You don’t have to get super specific if you don’t want to, but your readers will have an easier time visualizing the story if they can picture the setting. In addition, the setting can help build your characters—if it’s always sunny, maybe one longs to live in a place where it rains one day etc.

5. Think of events that really make your story a romance. Include events that have to do with romance, like dates and heart breaks. Think of interesting ideas, not the same ones that other stories have used. Maybe one of the character’s ex is jealous of the relationship, and is trying to get back together with them, or the parents might not approve and select a different partner for the character. Don’t forget to use other characters in your book too, like exes, parents, (if it’s about teenagers), and friends.

Don’t always make these events a “picnic in the park with butterflies everywhere” or like a “marriage, divorce, date, marriage, divorce, date, cheat, break-up.” You want your romance novel to stand out from the rest.

Give the couple their share of trouble along the way. The whole “boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love-and-live-happily-ever-after” thing is kind of a mainstream idea. Make it interesting, for example, ” boy-meets-girl-and-they-hate-each-other-until-boy-sees-girl-getting-drunk-and crazy-at-a-party-and-takes-her-on-a-pity-date-and-she-finds-out-about-the-pity-part” Yes, it’s a long scenario, but it’s much more complex. Depending on what kind of romance you’re writing, create different problems for your characters, such as she’s a ghost, he’s 10 years older than her and her family doesn’t approve, she’s disabled, he’s from the future.

6. Write believable dialogue. “Um…I’m Charlotte. Do I know you?” sounds believable. Feel free to give them cheesy dialogue like, “You have the most amazing eyes.” However, don’t fill up the entire novel with cheesy compliments. Romances need to be passionate! Give them emotions!

* Include descriptive words. “Nice” or “Cool” sound unprofessional and tend to deter readers.

7. Start writing/typing your book. Think of a hooked beginning, like one of your characters flirting with another person they like, or if it is paranormal, it could start at a magical place. You don’t have to stick with the outline, but you should follow it. also think of a good ending. Most endings are the two characters living happily ever after, but why not try something different? The ending will be remembered, so you should make it really good!

8. The Happy Ending. End the novel well. You can write an amazing romance novel, but if your ending is not satisfactory, it will just be remembered as ‘okay’ or ‘I liked it, but the ending was bad’. Don’t rush the ending because you’re sick of plodding through chapter after chapter. It’s best to end the novel with the guy and girl getting together. This will make the readers really happy, because they want the guy and the girl to be together! However, don’t feel like you have to end the novel with the two main characters living happily ever after. Look at Romeo and Juliet.

9. Use proper grammar, spelling and punctuation. No one desires to read something that is as poorly worded and proofread as, “and Sarah, like, just went to the bathroom n never came back again ever and everyone was real sad. THE END, thanks for readin my book, her’es my e-mail, tell all ur friends bout it, BYE!!!” It’s likely no-one will buy it. If you are sending it to a literary agent, they WILL keep having an editor change your novel until you stop making mistakes/errors. When you have to edit something, don’t change the story! The agent would’ve rejected it if it was really a bad story, so if they haven’t rejected it so far, don’t change a thing! (Besides mistakes the editor wants you to fix.)


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How To Write Book Descriptions That SELL Books Thu, 12 Mar 2015 14:00:44 +0000 Krizia book promotion blurb  How To Write Book Descriptions That SELL Books

When it comes to self-publishing, I know how frustrating it can be, especially when you’re first getting started.

There’s a ton of information out there about self-publishing and much of it is conflicting.


Just take a deep breath before you read the rest of this email.

You see at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what marketing methods you use or don’t use…if the person looking at your book doesn’t buy it.

Now a lot of Kindle publishers have pointed out that you need to have a good (even great) book cover and I agree with them. A lot of people will also mention that you also need a compelling, memorable book title and I think they’re right too.

But here’s where a lot of authors fall down: The book description. That’s what traditional publishers call it a book blurb.

>>> This is going to make your life a whole lot easier:

You see, if your marketing efforts put hungry buyers in front of your book…

If the book cover catches their eye…

If your title gets them curious enough to click and learn more about your book…

… all of it will fail if your book blurb doesn’t make them excited about buying your book.

Ask most authors about writing a book blurb and you’ll get a puzzled look.

Or worse, a look of complete panic.

You see, most writing instruction never covers how to write book blurbs. Or worse, they just gloss over it and quickly move onto something else.

That’s why I’m really excited about a new program called “Rocking Book Blurbs”. This amazing program gives you step-by-step training on how to create your own book blurbs quickly and easily.

“Rocking Book Blurbs” is totally geared to show you how to do the entire process, from start to finish, based on what sells best in your genre.

It’s not software. It’s not a fill-in-the-blank worksheet. And it’s not ripping off another author’s hard work either.

“Rocking Book Blurbs” is a proven system for writing great book blurbs quickly.

And because it’s brand new, I’ve convinced them to make it available to my [customers or subscribers] as a special dime sale. If you hurry, then you can grab a crazy good deal on this program. All it takes is a few additional sales, delivered by your own great book blurb that you can write in mere minutes, to recoup your investment.

Imagine Getting 32% increase in Sales OVERNIGHT?

My good friend& fellow author Rob Howard, used those strategies to rewriting a client’s book description based on some things pointed out in the training and they ended up seeing a 32% increase in sales yesterday!!!

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HELLO! That’s some serious improvement! I nearly fell off my chair when I saw this number.

I’m so rewriting my own description this coming week!

Now I will admit, that could have just been a daily fluke, so Rob promised to keep watching and let us know the results after a few more days.

However, based on these early results, I can tell I made some major mistakes writing up description copy. Almost enough to make me sick.

It did only take me about 10 minutes to change the description and that was it. It was simple to do, and it should be for you as well.

It works for both fiction and nonfiction.

It worked for Rob…it will work for you!

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How to Write a Good Plot | Done-For-You Fiction Plots Tue, 10 Mar 2015 14:00:10 +0000 Krizia book promotion image1 How to Write a Good Plot | Done For You Fiction Plots

In my unique position, I get lots of opportunities to talk to other book authors about their failures and successes. I get to see their personal challenges and victories from the inside.

One lesson I have taken over and again is that those who see the greatest success with fiction books are those who create their books in a series.

When I share those stories, the biggest challenge I discover people facing is how to come up with the ideas they need to write their first, second or fifth fiction book in a series.

That’s why I’m so excited by Bill Platt’s new service that offers pre-written plots, written as a series.

Lots of vendors develop pre-written plots, but very few of them provide a reliable source for “series plots” — the plots designed to help you create a book series.

Bill is offering the first set of plots at a set price, but he’s made it dead-simple for you to take him up on his membership program.

>>> Here’s the link for you to check out DONE-FOR-YOU option when it comes to fiction plots!!!

There are some basic rules to writing plots and I thought we’d look at those.

How do You Write a Good Plot?

1. Brainstorm. At this point, a good notepad may be the best way to get the ideas flowing. It’s useful to write long sentences, loose words, or entire paragraphs, because all can come in handy when you tackle the actual plot. Reading is also very important, as it is the main source of inspiration, although films, television, paintings, and even people can also inspire.

2. Start connecting the concepts and ideas. Once you think you have enough ideas to start building the plot, you can join the ideas. Diagrams are of great use in this process. For example if you have pineapples and elephants, you could have an elephant eat pineapples.

3. Get the outline of your characters. Characters at this stage are very simple, and are very much alike. You should not worry as much with their creation now, as to their function on the story. Who’s the protagonist? Who’s the villain? Does the story have a villain? If yes, is he truly horrific, or just a nuisance? Those are the questions that need to be answered at this point.

4. Choose your type of plot. Although not publicized, some plots are non-linear, which means they can go back and forth in time without things like time machines being needed. If you choose to write such a plot, make sure that every excerpt is chronologically coherent with the rest. You don’t wanna say that he was in the cave (in the future), and then get to that point, and leave him being in his backyard. In non-linear plots, it’s better to leave time references out of the question until the end of the book, to avoid confusion.

>>> Here’s the link for you to check out DONE-FOR-YOU option when it comes to fiction plots!!!

5. Imagine the setting. The plot will need to take place somewhere, and as such, the place you set it is as important as who features in it. If you intend to place your story on an already existing place, it’ll be easier, as you only have to imagine little parts, and not have to focus on the big picture, as that is taken care by reality, and you can jump the next step. If by contrast yours is a story taken place in an entirely fictionalized setting, keep on reading.

6. Creating your setting from scratch. In creating a new setting, it will require that you imagine every single detail. Don’t oversee little things like where people shall work, or how people walk down the street, as those can be of great value in the future. You’ll probably get much more details than you’ll ever use, but as always it’s better to get more than less. In science fiction and fantasy stories, things like the physics that control the world, society stratification, and the average person are all to be taken in account as serious matters.

7. Finalize your characters. Here is where you truly create your characters, leaving no thing to be said. As in creating a setting, you’ll get much more than you need, but that may come in handy if you then reuse the character later. Once again, a notepad will do greatly in getting the character as developed as possible. Ask questions like “What is the reason why he dresses this way?”, and then get the answers down. Take in account also that a good character is one that evolves over time, so try to make them as flexible as possible (not overdoing it, or they’ll seem not sure of their own choices). Try to imagine possible interactions between characters, and links like friendship or family. Get the best out of every character.

8. Understand causality. Every action as a reaction, and as such no events are random (unless the point is to illustrate the randomness of it all, of course).

9. Choose a conflict. By now you should have probably started writing, although it is not strictly obligatory, and as such you should get the main conflict, or in other ideas, what makes the characters do what they’ll do. In the beginning no such guideline is needed, but it is required later on, for the progression to be logical.

>>> Here’s the link for you to check out DONE-FOR-YOU option when it comes to fiction plots!!!

10. Get the hang of rising action. Rising action is the sequence of events that ultimately leads to the climax. It is normally longer than it’s counterpart, the falling action, and shows development in the characters personality. This should be the portion of the plot you should worry most, as it is the one that leads to a weak climax, if not written correctly. As such, have your characters face several challenges, in which they can either be shown with their full potential, or even expand it.

11. The Climax. This is the moment in which your characters will face their ultimate challenge. All fiction stories have a climax, at some point, except for somewhat humorous ones, which resolve in anti-climaxes (normally a resolution that is too simple, and thus sound unsatisfactory: “I faced the dragon with my sword, but it died out of breast cancer” please don’t use one of these). Normally it involves all of the characters, and occurs near the end of the story (except if the plot is non-linear, by which case it can occur nearly anywhere, even in the first few lines) and is a moment in which the protagonist seems defeated, and suffers an almost miraculous recovery.

12. The Falling action. Before the end of the book, if you feel like it, you should let the action smooth in a little, and tell the readers what has happened to the characters since the climax. This is where the things start to get into place once again, and life is calm again. Do not underestimate the importance of it though, as stories that don’t have a proper conclusion can be the most revolting thing you’ll ever see.

13. So you’re this far. By this point, you should have the basic outline of the full plot. If so, it’s time to get back to organizing your thought process (hope you’ve kept the notebook, because it does get handy a lot of times). If you’re that kind of person, do sketches, maps, timelines, or even write poems about your story, as it gets you in the mood to fully love what you have developed. But don’t think the job is done. You only have the basic outline, that is something easy to do. The part where the basic plot becomes the good plot, is at the next stage.

14.Apply color: Writing techniques which vary from clever plot twists, to known artifices like the Chekov’s gun (when an object appearing to be insignificant later resolves the conflict) or the not so appreciated Deux Ex Machina (which is a resolution that appears to come out of the blue: “We were falling to our death, when a blue goat saved us and blasted the evil genius’s balloon with its laser beam eyes”). With a combination of these and lots of metaphors, similes, and personifications you’ll get the best out of your plot.

>>> Here’s the link for you to check out DONE-FOR-YOU option when it comes to fiction plots!!!

15. Rest a bit while looking at the finished outline.

16. Get back to work. Now it’s time to revise what you wrote. Make sure there are no anachronisms, incoherences with your own rules and laws, and that your characters stay consistent (they may evolve in terms of personality, but have to stay consistent with themselves, as keeping the same hair color, or the same height). If you find a main problem, and find that it ruins your entire plot, don’t be afraid to change everything. One error can be difference between a good plot, and a plot outline.


If You’re Looking For A Done-For-You Solution, Here’s What Bill Promises To Do

book promotion image2 How to Write a Good Plot | Done For You Fiction Plots

He’ll deliver “at least one series plot set of ten plots every month,” with this program.

Here are the genres Bill covers:

* Mysteries

* Cozy Mysteries

* Inspirational Fiction

* Young Adult

* More Science Fiction

* More Romance Fiction

Bill’s writers are creating a set of ten plots in a series, about every 10-14 days.

P.S.: Bill DOES take requests from customers for the types of series plots people that people want…

>>> Here’s the link for you to check out DONE-FOR-YOU option when it comes to fiction plots!!!



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Scrivener for Authors Fri, 06 Mar 2015 15:00:39 +0000 Krizia scrivener book promotion Scrivener for Authors

Did you know Scrivener is the #1 Tool That Six Figure Authors Use?

Like a lot of authors, I bought Scrivener and it’s been sitting on my desktop waiting for me to figure it out.


I couldn’t figure it out. Every time I opened the platform, I’d get discouraged!

Here’s the thing: Scrivener is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily write your fiction and nonfiction books…and it’s one of the best on the market.

If you are a Kindle Publisher or a writer I am sure you will have heard the buzz about this piece of software called Scrivener.

Why so much interest? Because Scrivener really does revolutionize the way you write and work!!!

For the longest time, however, only a Mac version existed, and then, when they finally released a windows version…it, well, sucked. They’ve made major improvements to it since and now the Windows version is just as good as the mac.

But here is the thing, Scrivener is complex as hell.

It has a lot of power, but it also has a lot of moving parts. But if you master those parts, you can write a book faster, making it better, than what you could before.

>>> Here’s the link to use the same powerful writing tool Bestsellers use:

1. Scrivener for MAC users:

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That’s why I think my friend David Martin’s Scrivener master course is an essential tool for authors. You might remember seeing the Mac version a few months back, but at the time there wasn’t a windows version. That has now changed.

David’s Scrivener video training teaches how to quickly get hold of all the Amazon features of Scrivener to take your writing projects to the next level, speed your book creation, and ramp up those Amazon royalties.

David has released a full-fledged training course on Scrivener for Windows.

He covers everything you need:

* How to use templates to organize your writing

* Saving and organizing research utilizing Scrivener’s tools

* Outputting your final document to multiple types, including Kindle

* How to use Scrivener for distraction free writing

* How to create books faster using Scrivener (including every Scrivener trick he knows, used by all the 6 figure indie authors)

* And more

>>> Here’s the link to use the same powerful writing tool Bestsellers use:

1. Scrivener for MAC users:

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If you use Scrivener at all, you need this. I’ve been utilizing it for a while and I learned a ton of time saving tricks and tips.

Note: This normally sells for 170 bucks…but he’s offering a significant discount.


>>> Here’s the link to use the same powerful writing tool Bestsellers use:

1. Scrivener for MAC users:

2. Scrivener for Windows users:


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