How To Sell More Books With KDP Select

 How To Sell More Books With KDP Select

Rob Howard, the silent KINDLE NINJA, has done it again!

This new training will allow me to put the entire first series back into KDP select and see some pretty stellar results and show you how to go from 1 to 30 sales/day INSTANTLY!

Rob’s training is an in-depth case study of an author who went from selling 1 book a day to over 30 books a day with a very simple strategy that any author, fiction or nonfiction, can apply to seriously boost their Amazon royalties.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve not had a chance to take a look at the review copy, but I know Rob and I know his training is solid.

As I eluded many times in the past few months, I now take time to go really deep with these new products I promote because I apply them directly to my fiction publishing business.

I’ll be going over Rob’s training during the weekend, but if I were you I would totally get my hands on this product.

It’s 26 pages of pure gold!

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Below, I’ll provide more details on Rob’s new training.

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The method Rob teaches inside Simple KD Sales is, well, simple. It requires nothing fancy. You simply:

* Upload your book.

* Schedule your promo (takes about 30 minutes total)

* And let it run.

You don’t have to beg free book sites, you don’t have to set up fancy Facebook pages, you don’t have to give away your book…it allows you to free up your time with more writing or other things you enjoy doing, instead of needing to obsess over book marketing.

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Why is Krizia so bloody excited?

You can “chain” together your books and promos, driving sales for ALL your books, even if you just use this technique on one book.

You can also just write a book, upload it, and do this technique, then just start a new book.

Imagine simply writing a book and having it sell immediately. Imagine leveraging Amazon and letting scarcity do the work for you – without any real effort on your part.

>>>Inside Simple KD Sales, You’ll Discover:

* How to grab 70% royalties (instead of 35%) from 99-cent Kindle books. (Bet you didn’t know this was possible!)

* How you can take a dead-selling book and breathe new life into instantly.

* Why most authors that use scarcity get it dead wrong and its costing them sales.

* Why you don’t need a budget, a website, an email list, reviews or some complicated marketing plan to make this work

* How to set up this method in just 30 minutes or less

* What “front-loading and back-loading” is and why you need to do it.

* A promotion website that allows you to steal their commissions for your book! (You get their commissions instead of them, making you even more money)

* How to make this into a long-term strategy that pays out again and again and again.

* How to “daisy chain” your books together, driving further cash into your bank account!

…ALL THAT AND more for less than $20 (promotional price)!

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