How To Rank A Non Fiction Book At #1 On Amazon

book promotion how to rank How To Rank A Non Fiction Book At #1 On Amazon

My mastermind colleague, Derek Doepker, beat out Tony Robbins in the top 100 sold category for a weight loss book.

He entered a new niche (for him), self help, which as you know is hyper competitive. He ended up #1 in that category, beating out DaleCarnegie’s famous “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

And those aren’t the only niches he’s dominated.

***His proof is huge*** – with close to 3000 sales in one day for one book, and a slew of #1 titles in various niches, Derek has discovered what he calls “The Secret Formula” to nonfiction book sales, and he wants to share it with you.

Derek’s training is SUPER in depth and VERY easy to follow and it’s CRITICAL information you need to IMPLEMENT as a non fiction author to be successful!

Books That Sells: Proven Formulas To Make Non-Fiction Books Readers Can’t Resist

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Here’s how Derek’s training is broken down:

Step 1: Why No One Wants Your Book… Unless You Know These Secrets (Nearly 2-Hour Training Video)

Here are some golden nuggets from the video training:

* Words and phrases you can add to your description today to instantly make it more irresistible.

* The formula for curiosity which automatically makes people hungry for what’s in your book.

* A type of book/phrase that will guarantee intrigue. You can base almost any book you write around this one thing and have a winner!

* What to do if you’ve outsourced your book and don’t know how to make it unique.

* Exactly what to put FIRST in your description in highly competitive markets.

* Real case studies of what’s working and what’s not working. Now you’ll finally understand the psychology behind why things that “shouldn’t” work do and things that “should” work fail miserably.

* Why you shouldn’t hype your book unless you have a few things in place first.

* The exact type of book that will generate intrigue and curiosity, driving sales.

* Case studies, titles, descriptions and more that demonstrate everything he shows you.

* Breakthrough Advertising Kindle book marketing strategies for competitive markets

Step 2: ‘Really Freakin’ Hard To Screw Up’ Formulas

It’s a 51:21 minutes video training where Derek shows you STEP-BY-STEP how to put into action the training he teaches in video #1

You can grab all of that here and start dominating nonfiction!

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