My friend Bill surprised all of us by letting us know he had been selling these amazing training specifically created for fiction authors to his list of clients.

It seems his students have been EXTREMELY grateful for the boost and opportunity to improve on their writing and grab their readers from the first sentence and after checking out the review copies I got, I see why Bill’s students are so much looking forward to a killer 2015!

I’ve not delved into the training yet, as I just finished my BBW Fiction training Amy launched earlier this week. I will go over the training in details and I’ll email you with any additional insight I get along the way to help you!

Now back to Bill’s new training!

Bill Platt, I’ve promoted his products in the past and Bill is a go to adviser when I’m stuck, has just released a really detailed training for fiction authors.

If you’re:

* A newbie fiction author

or a…

* Seasoned for fiction authors

You’ll gain an EDGE with Bill’s new training.

>>> If you’re in a rush, you can click on the link below to get started:


Before I provide you with details on the main training, I should say Bill has two upsells that are also worth picking up.

See details below:

>>> Upsell#1:“Inspired Fiction” Guide: This is a 37-page PDF. This product is the result of a collaboration between myself and my favorite ghostwriter, who is someone who teaches “how to write fiction” in her college literature class. Bill & this teacher answer the most common questions that have been presented to me concerning pre-written plots, including why and how to use them to create maximum return on your investment of time and money.

>>> Upsell#2:Mastering Transitions in your Fiction Writing: In this 24-page PDF, you are going to gain a lot of insight into how to handle the transition points in your stories…

You are going to learn how to handle:

a. Transitions Between Paragraphs;

b. Transitions Between Scenes;

c. Transitions Between Chapters;

And, you will learn two methods to Transition Between Books in a Series…

Basically all 3 levels of this training are less that $13 each (all 3 together for less than $39!!!)!

It’s super affordable and well-worth the investment. Furthermore, the weekend is upon us and it’s the perfect time for you to get through the ENTIRE training in one go!

What do you get as part of this training?

Inside this 25-page PDF, you are going to discover how to start your book, so that readers will finish reading your book!

It will show you how to introduce your characters, your setting, your plot and your story in such a way that your book will capture and keep the attention of its audience.

In this guide, you will learn how to:

* Plan your story to ensure a successful telling of the story;

* Start your story in a way that will hook your readers;

* Avoid losing your reader as a result of confusion or boredom;

* Decide how many characters your story will include;

* Introduce your characters and tell their stories;

* Ensure that you will be able to hit all of the important parts of your story;

>>> Click on the link below to get started:


* Define the story setting in a way that is interesting and useful to the overall story;

* Establish the mood or tone of your story;

* Approach the first chapter;

* Match reader expectations;

* Borrow styling from other books in your genre to tell the story your readers are expecting to read;

* Prevent yourself from getting bogged down in the smaller details;

* Let your characters develop in a way that will help you tell a better story;

* Focus the attention of readers to the parts of the story that are most important;

* Use foreshadowing to spark early interest in future events in the story;

* Wrap up your first chapter in a way that ensures people will be hooked on the story you are telling;

* And much more…

>>> Click on the link below to get started: