How To GET 63 4.5-Star Amazon REVIEWS

book promotionhub amazon reviews How To GET 63 4.5 Star Amazon REVIEWS

If you’re like me, new book launches make you nervous.

And it’s because of one thing, and one-thing only.

***Review trolls.***

If you’ve published anything on Amazon, you realize that there are marauding readers out there, who will maliciously and intentionally leave you undeserved 1-star reviews!

The implication is very discouraging for indie book publishers.

Pour your heart into a nice 100, 200, 300 page book…publish it to Amazon, and overnight, have some random person with a grudge leave you a 1-star review that derails your entire book launch!


I have a 2-star review on my Amazon profile and a couple 1-star on Goodreads and it HURTS LIKE HELL.

What would you do, if months of writing was ruined overnight?


This happened to my Mastermind partner, Bolaji O.


Well, he got mad, and wasn’t going to take it anymore.

But when he told colleagues he was going to get10 stellar reviews for that trolled 1-star review book,before the weekend was out… they laughed.

>>>Here’s what happened next…


Look.  No matter how good your book is…

Every new book you publish is COMPLETELY EXPOSED to the malicious whims of these marauding vultures.

It’s not right, what they do to hardworking, honest authors.

Would you intentionally put all that beautiful work into writing…

Only to have some malicious stranger spill it all over the sidewalk?

Oh and by the way.

That book of Bolaji’s, with the malicious1-star review?

It’s averaging over 4.5 stars (63 reviews)…has sold over 1,000 PAID copies…and here’s the real kicker: (this blew my mind…)

Bolaji has collected his entire experience and strategy into a powerful training called KD 5-Minute Reviews

>>>What Are You Getting with KD 5-Minute Reviews?

1. A professionally copywritten, 1-page PDF that you can send to friends, colleagues, fellow authors, professional reviewers, or your subscribers.

It gives them compelling reasons to leave you an honest, positive review.

(Value: $189.00)

2. A 60-second animated video that does the same selling job for you.

(Value: $97.00)

3. A video that shows less Amazon-savvy readers how to leave a review.

(great for a large segment of your readership.)

4. BONUS: Two additional animated videos, to send to out for reviews!

(Value: $194.00)

This is a proven system that has worked in my author business, and hundreds of my clients’ author businesses as well.

Bolaji has also added a NEW bonus for EXCLUSIVELY for my buyers!

You’ll also receive his Bestseller Book Description Formula…

($97.00 value). It’s a 10-step checklist… super-easy to use.

And deadly effective.

One key that can make a huge difference in selling your book is grabbing 5 to 10 reviews almost immediately.

This is different with Bolaj’s training from your usual “how to get reviews” in that it’s actual template files, emails, videos and more that you send to your buyers and professional reviewers to get them to review your book.

It’s one more powerful tool in your toolbox!

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book promotionhub amazon reviews1 How To GET 63 4.5 Star Amazon REVIEWS

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