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There is no denying that romance is a powerhouse genre that captures the minds and hearts of readers. If you’d like to be a profitable author and publisher, then romance is one of the best genres to publish in.

In this training, Amy Harrop is going to unlock one of the most in-demand romance categories that can be adapted to a wide variety of subgenres: BBW-themed romance. BBW stands for big, beautiful woman and highlights female protagonists who are curvy or full-figured.

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With Romance Riches, she is giving you all the tools and research you need to easily create or outsource quality, unique content that your readers will snap up.

Romance Riches reveals:

* A massively in-demand category plus 4 hot sub-niches you can easily publish to.

* All the necessary: demographic information, niche research, and competitive analysis to dominate this category

* All of the research, outlines and demographic information to easily write or outsource a book.

* How and where to find your buyers-they love these books

* Marketing plans that sell your books, both free and paid options..

* How to continue to make money with your book and go beyond the initial book sale

And much more!

Delivered in a 50-page PDF, this is excellent training.

On the upsells (let me tell you they are amazing), you can get your hands on some pre-written plots, designed to help you get a running start with BBW Romance fiction.

Check it out… You will be glad you did…

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I asked my group of Facebook readers if they wanted more BBW Romance and the response was overwhelming. Over 100 women jumped in with their opinions.

You might not yet have a large group of fans on Facebook, so I wanted to share some of the comments I’ve received:

“Yes…I’m a bigger woman…it would be nice to read about one…being sassy, classy and sexy.”

“You write whatever you want! You have a faithful reader! BBW is fine with me.”

 “BBW are my favs!!!”

“I totally love that idea. Being a bigger woman myself I truly enjoy getting into a story where a woman with curves gets the hot hunky man.”

I should have my first series in this niche very soon and I hope you’ll join me!

Don’t miss out on this HOT, HOT, HOT NICHE!

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