Best 2015 Kindle Training For Authors

book promotion kindle Best 2015 Kindle Training For Authors

I’ve also listed the Top Kindle Trainings & Software for 2014.

>>> You can view the list here: Top Kindle Trainings & Software for 2014

Here are a few 2015 Kindle Trainings And Kindle Software you’ll want to make sure you own to help you move your publishing business forward!

Let’s be honest, there have been a lot of trainings that have come out in the past few months and I’m sure it must be challenging to keep track of everything.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a mash-up of all the Kindle training & software for 2015 that came out in one convenient post.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve listed in a special category, the trainings I’ve used to help me rebrand myself under a pen name for my fiction series.

You might have already bought a few of these, but I’m certain you might have missed a few and this summary post will allow you to get your hands on those essential trainings you might have missed.

 List Of Trainings I’ve Created!

book promotion kindle2 Best 2015 Kindle Training For Authors


1. You Need Book Reviews: Reviews will rock your book sales!!! There’s a whole strategy behind them and I break it down for you!

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2. Google+ Hangouts Are Powerful To Sell MORE Books:The training is super complete AND I do a LIVE demo where you get to watch over my shoulder, so you’ll be able to conduct your own Hangouts with SUPREME confidence icon wink Best 2015 Kindle Training For Authors

>>>Click on the link below to get started:


3. YouTube for Authors:I’ve created the MOST complete training to help authors master YouTube!

The training is usually $97, but if you use the following coupon, you’ll get a $70 discount!!!

Here’s the coupon code: c4241916e8

Here’s the link to start selling more books thanks to the power of YouTube:


4. YouTube Trainings ACADEMY:There are already hundreds of students who use my monthly YouTube training to boost their sales and I’d love for you to join them! Each month I send 4 new training videos to help you leverage the power of YouTube and video marketing.

>>> Here’s the link:


5. Double Your Business in 12 Months or Less: I’ve just released my DOUBLE Your Business training because I want YOU to DOUBLE your business in the next 12 months by implementing the SAME EXACT strategies the Super Achievers I’ve interviewed have been using, with success, in their businesses!

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6. Crowdfunding for Authors: Discover how a stay-at-home mom collects $9470 to finance her writing career. You won’t believe what’s possible until you click on the link below.

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B. Krizia’s Hit List of Top Kindle 2015 Trainings

There are the trainings I keep going back to over and over again to help me build a successful publishing business:

1. Boost Reviews on Amazon: KD 5-Minute Reviews is a simple training you can learn and implement within 30 minutes to get more reviews on Amazon, Goodreads and any other online bookstore.

>>> Check it out…


2. How to Hook Romance Readers: When you know the 8 Step Core Emotional Traits for guaranteed awesome romance, you can sell more books—it’s that simple. This training is so complete, you’ll never write romance ever the same way again. Watch your Amazon royalties soar!

The guide is only $10 and is jam packed with information.

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3. Big Beautiful Women (BBW) Romance Is HOT: BBW is the MOST In-Demand {Romance} Niche on Amazon. If you’ve not yet started catering to this passionate audience, you’re missing out.

This training will help you get started TODAY!

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4. How to Hook Romance Reader: Romance readers for example have very specific expectations of the books the read. If you get it wrong, they’ll leave terrible reviews and won’t buy your next book. If you get it right, though…you’ve got a rabid buyer on your hand who will buy, buy, buy from you, time and again. Lynn Johnston’s has become one of my go-to trainors for my romance writing!

This is a Freaking AMAZING Training for ONLY $10!

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5. PROVEN Blueprint To Amazon BESTSELLER Status

Bill Platt, a member of my Kindle Mastermind group, breaks down some crucial strategies in helping fiction authors &non fiction authors get their books to rank amongst the bestsellers on Amazon with the least amount of headaches. “Book Marketing Master Plan” is essentially a thorough book marketing blueprint for authors –– beginners and even veteran authors.

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6. Plotting the Perfect Romance

This training is delivered in 5 hours of video, and it goes deeper into the how and why to construct your romance story.

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7. Create Your Own Digital Magazine

Imagine spending 4-5 hours/month working on your digital magazine and making $5,000/month! Sam England used content from his books to create a lucrative online magazine publishing business. In his latest training, he shows you how it’s done!

>>> Here’s the link to get started now:



B. Powerful Kindle 2015 Trainings

1. Old Book Hits Bestseller in 30 days: If your old books aren’t making you money, this training will help you collect Amazon royalties from dormant books. This book marketing strategy can help you take an old book and transform it into a bestseller within 30 days. You have to check it out!

>>>> Here’s your link to grab your own copy:


2. FICTION WRITER Training BOOSTER: If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to improve your writing as a fiction author, this training is perfect for you because within a few hours, you’ll be armed with strategies that will help you generate more Amazon royalties!

>>> Click on the link below to get started:


3. $1,091.50 Per Month In Just 8 Weeks: The Kindle 1k SYSTEM has only ever been released to his private members and the results speak for themselves.You’ll get everything you need to reach your FIRST $1k per month in less than 8 weeks.Follow the same system, create more books … and watch your income grow.

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4. Get 3 Pre-Written Diet Books For ONLY $17!Cash in on an evergreen niche with these professionally written books that come with full Private Label Rights—so you are free to do with it as you please, and truly make it your own.

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5. Write 50,000 Words in 72 Hours! The front-end offer is for anyone who writes non fiction. It is called “72 Hour Nonfiction Books,” to which the praise has been very high. He covers doing research, creating an outline, and writing your book, with extra focus on how to write outstanding nonfiction content for your audience. He also covers how to write an awesome book description that will help you sell more books!

You can see more information about this product, HERE.


6. Write A Better Book Description!

Now a lot of Kindle publishers have pointed out that you need to have a good (even great) book cover and I agree with them. A lot of people will also mention that you also need a compelling, memorable book title and I think they’re right too.

But here’s where a lot of authors fall down: The book description. That’s what traditional publishers call it a book blurb.

>>> This is going to make your life a whole lot easier