Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

book marketing1 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

Here are a few Kindle trainings and Kindle software you’ll want to make sure you own to help you move your publishing business forward!

Let’s be honest, there have been a lot of trainings that have come out in the past few months and I’m sure it must be challenging to keep track of everything.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a mash-up of all the Kindle training & software that came out in one convenient post.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve listed in a special category, the trainings I’ve used to help me rebrand myself under a pen name for my fiction series.


You might have already bought a few of these, but I’m certain you might have missed a few and this summary post will allow you to get your hands on those essential trainings you might have missed.

List Of Trainings I’ve Created!

book marketing2 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors


1. You Need Book Reviews: Reviews will rock your book sales!!! There’s a whole strategy behind them and I break it down for you!

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2. Google+ Hangouts Are Powerful To Sell MORE Books:The training is super complete AND I do a LIVE demo where you get to watch over my shoulder, so you’ll be able to conduct your own Hangouts with SUPREME confidence icon wink Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

>>>Click on the link below to get started:


3. YouTube for Authors:I’ve created the MOST complete training to help authors master YouTube!

The training is usually $97, but if you use the following coupon, you’ll get a $70 discount!!!

Here’s the coupon code: c4241916e8

Here’s the link to start selling more books thanks to the power of YouTube:


4. YouTube Trainings ACADEMY:There are already hundreds of students who use my monthly YouTube training to boost their sales and I’d love for you to join them! Each month I send 4 new training videos to help you leverage the power of YouTube and video marketing.

>>> Here’s the link:


5. Double Your Business in 12 Months or Less: I’ve just released my DOUBLE Your Business training because I want YOU to DOUBLE your business in the next 12 months by implementing the SAME EXACT strategies the Super Achievers I’ve interviewed have been using, with success, in their businesses!

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Fiction Plot Service

book marketing3 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors


Best Fiction Kindle Plots: This is an outstanding plot service, which consists of 10 plots that can be used to create a book series. This means you can churn out books fast without doing the hard work of coming up with the story angle.

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Online Digital Magazine Creation


A. Krizia’s Hit List of Top Kindle Software

book marketing4 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

Here’ the list of my MUST have software:

1. Spy on the competition: Powerful software allows you to focus on bestsellers &money-makers by finding out which books are making other authors in your niche rich.


2. Scrivener:Scrivener really does revolutionize the way you write and work and this excellent training helps you make sense of the platform.

***I’ve recently found out that you can format your books via Scrivener for Create Space, Kindle, Smashwords, Barnes & Noble and iTunes. Once I learned how do to this myself, I shaved off $100 per book in my production cost.***

>>>MAC Version:

>>>PC Version:


B. Krizia’s Hit List of Top Kindle Training

book marketing5 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

There are the trainings I keep going back to over and over again to help me build a successful publishing business:

1. Book Explosion: Learn how to spent $40 to promote your book, and earned $1000 in sales as a result and a whopping 2500% Return On Investment.

>>> Check it out…



2. Real Life Kindle Success: This training takes you step-by-step and shows you the simple things successful authors did to start selling a whole bunch of books.

>>>Check out the video and see if you aren’t hooked:


3. Make Money with Kindle Unlimited:It’s a new and exciting time to be an indie author. With Kindle Unlimited, authors have another way to expand their reader base. You can use Kindle Unlimited to build your list, rotate in and out exclusive “amazon only” books in the program and then upsell additional books in the niche/genre you are in.

>>> Find out how to how make money with Kindle Unlimited:


4. KD Defender: How to maximize your Amazon Kindle revenues with powerful strategies that help build your list of readers.

>>> Here’s the link to check out the training:


5. 32% increase in sales with Kindle description copy training: MUST have training in my opinion to learn how to write description copy like bestselling authors.

6. Produce a 76,000-Word Novel In Just 11 Days:Great system and it works great, enabling you to go from idea to book,in a VERY short amount of time and thus allowing you to get MORE books out!

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7. Create Space:Teresa Miller has put together an awesome course that will finally allow the average self-publisher to have an above-average quality book.

>>> Here’s the link if you want to check our her training:


6. Facebook for Authors: This is truly the best Facebook training I’ve come across. The training covers everything you need to know as an author to leverage the power of Facebook.

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C. Essential Kindle Software

book marketing6 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

1. Create STUNNING Book Covers: Get your hands on templates built to industry-standard specifications and they are so stylish, they’ll make your books stand out and you’ll avoid all those pesky newbie mistakes.

>>> Here’s the link to grab the templates:


2. Easy Graphics for Authors:A brand new breakthrough software tool has just been released that allows ANYONE — even the graphically-challenged — to create STUNNING images for your Kindle books& promotional banners.

>>>Go check out this short demo of Drag and Drop Illustrator and see for yourself:


3. Kindle Keyword Domination:This Software Will Help Solve The Problem Of Finding THE BEST KEYWORDS ON AMAZON!!!

>>> Check it out here:


NOTE: This ONLY works on PCs. MAC users, we’ll have to wait.

4.Eye-popping covers in 10 minutes: KD Cover Kit is an eye-popping collection of book cover templates that will make you say “Wow!” It’s the most complete collection of book cover templates out there for indie authors.

>>>Take A Peek At These Stunning Covers:


5. Create Book Outlines Faster:This innovative tool allows you to write books much faster because it allow you to create book outlines without fuss, therefore allowing you to generate a lot more. This tool allows you to organize and streamline the writing of more books. It’s still priced at very affordable!

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 D. Essential Kindle Training

book marketing7 Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

1. 1,000 Books In 24 Hours:It is a no fluff report + case study anyone can follow to sell over a thousand of their kindle book in24 Hours!

>>> Here’s the link to check out the training:


2. Hooks For Books: This training shows you a simple copy and paste templates to jumpstart your title ideas, reveal the ONLY proven way to ensure you have a winning title, and share some of the most intriguing book titles he’s ever seen.


3. Easily Outsource Fiction:Hands Free Fiction Profits reveals how to easily and profitably outsource fiction. We take you through step-by-step on how you get quality fiction written for you. We also take you behind the scenes with our case study and show you our own fiction book.
>>> Here’s the link to get started:


4. Publishing on Smashwords + Author Central: This is a special bundle price on two important platforms to your publishing success.

>>> Here’s the link to check out this bundle:


5. Best Seller Launcher: Step-by-step training to allow you achieve bestseller status faster and easier.

>>> Check out the training here:


6.Write a 30,000-work non fiction book in 3 days: Discover how to research and compile the information for your book fast and how to write it in 72 hours or less!

>>>> Discover his “72 Hour Non-Fiction Books ” strategy by clicking on the link below:


7. DOMINATE Book Bub: BookBub is one of the BEST platforms to promote your books. BookBub is a site that has a huge reader base on their email list, and can drive thousands of sales to your books.

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8. Master Niche/Genre selection: Discover 10 of the hottest fiction and nonfiction niches, that are also low competition and hidden from most authors.

>>>Click below to check out this training:


9. Raving Fans in 14 days: Learn how to connect with readers and create true fans in order to sell MORE books.

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10.Ed Earned $5,423.10 In One Month:In this 35-page PDF, you are going to find outlined six steps for you to follow to create books that will sell very well.Don’t be deceived by the word “clone” in the product name… This product has nothing — absolutely nothing — to do with PLR or copying the content other people have created…

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E. Book Editing Trainings