10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

kindle book cover 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

Professional Kindle Cover in 10 Minutes or LESS???

kindle book cover2 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover


Having a professional looking book cover has such a huge importance on an author’s book success. If you have a book cover that’s been done poorly would directly affect your book sales and even your credibility.

People who spend hours online browsing the web tend to be very visual and most probably you are one too. You have probably browsed Amazon or GoodReads looking for a good book and the first thing you would first check out are books with great book covers, right? Potential buyers would also check out books with thumbnails that would catch their attention.

There are different elements for a great e-book cover. First one would be the title design. You need to make sure that your title is readable, crisp, clear and visible. Check out bestselling books and look at their title font and color. Notice that for romantic novels, the title would be curly or script. The color would be different from the background; this would make the title readable and visible. However, remember to also not overdo your title design. Sometimes simplicity works too.

kindle book cover3 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

Next element would be art and photos. Use images with size quality of 300dpi which is an eBook minimum requirement for quality. You also need to take note of copyright infringement for photos you take from the internet. Make sure that you are taking photos that are royalty free and are allowed to be used for book covers. One disadvantage of using stock photos is that your book might look like another author’s book that used the same photos. If you gave your own artist to create a book cover for you, your e-book would look more unique and would not look like someone else’s book.

Remember branding? You need to also consider this element. Keep in mind the fonts, graphics, and logos you’ve used on your website and consider matching it with your book. This kind of strategy would draw more attention to you as an expert.

Another element would be to take notes of what already works for other authors under that same genre as you are. This strategy would help you understand more of what you would like and once you are aware of what you love, you will be able to clearly explain it to your designer for a clearer idea of what you’d like for a book cover.

Last thing to remember is using templates. There are now an abundance of Internet marketers selling templates on how to make create book covers. The templates can help you create nice looking covers. However, you might want to change the design a bit so that your book cover won’t look like everybody else’s cover that are also using the same template. You need to make your book stand out from other author’s books and attract more potential buyers and readers.

Can you really create your own amazing book cover…with zero design skills?

I’m about to answer one of the MOST challenging issues facing authors!

I’m going to share with you how to Create Stunning, Eye-Popping Book Covers

There is a darn good reason why the BIG publishing companies pay hot-shot graphic designers THOUSANDS of dollars to design their book covers.

Because it REALLY is that important!

Listen…these guys have sold MILLIONS of books across the globe and have poured multiple MILLIONS into testing and tracking this.

kindle book cover4 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

Let me share some powerful FACTS WITH YOU:

If you want to sell more books, you need to:

1. Pay a lot to get great covers made

2. Know Photoshop and create your own killer covers.

3. Outsource to platforms like Fiverr, but it’s a hit or miss

4. Pray for a better solution

If you’re praying, you won’t have to pray for too much longer icon wink 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

My good friend Ed has solved one of the biggest issues for authors – create STUNNING HIGH QUALITY covers for pennies!

Take A Peek At These Stunning Covers:


kindle book cover5 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

If you don’t want to outsource your book covers, you’re going to LOVE Ed’s KD Cover Kit!

KD Cover Kit is an eye-popping collection of book cover templates that will make you say “Wow!”

It’s the most complete collection of book cover templates I’ve seen…

These aren’t cheap amateur designs designed by some guy on Fiverr – these are created by one of the web’s top graphic designers.

The big publishing companies spend thousands to hire the best designers to create covers for them – why?

Because it’s really darn important!

People make up their mind about a book just by looking at the cover and they do so in a fraction of a second.

So you NEED a killer cover if you want customers to WANT your book.

Plus…don’t you DESERVE a professional cover?

You work long and hard to write and edit your book, right?  So why give it an unprofessional look and feel that hurts your chances of making sales?

Check out KD Cover Kit – I think you’ll be surprised at just how stunning these covers are.



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kindle book cover6 10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover

Let me summarize what you’re getting inside the package:

1. KD Cover Kit comes with 110 stunning Kindle cover templates plus matching social media templates!

2. PSD files included

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