35 Book Marketing Ideas That Will You Sell MORE Books

 35 Book Marketing Ideas That Will You Sell MORE Books

Now that you’ve done research for your self-published book, you’re ready to learn the basics of book marketing. If you haven’t yet done your research to boost your book discovery, make sure to read the blog post I wrote here: 18 Things You Need To Know About Self-Publishing Your Book

We have covered 5 reasons on why your book is not selling previously and one of the reasons cited is that you don’t like marketing. In fact, you hate marketing. However, marketing is a great factor in helping you with your book’s sales.

You need to know more about book marketing in order for you to be able to learn how to spend your time in marketing your book and avoid the frustrations you might eventually feel when you have no idea what you’re doing. By becoming a book marketing enthusiast, you not only avoid getting frustrated, you also can see better results on the sales of your book.

>>>Here Are Some Book Marketing Ideas For Your Book In Order For You To Get Better Sales Figures:

1. Allot a budget to spend in the marketing and promoting of your book. Make sure to add to the list miscellaneous expenses such as expenses for travel and paid ads.

2. Make sure that you know your audience as this is an integral part of promoting and marketing of your book and this would make the rest of the process easier if done correctly.

 3. Come up with a sound marketing plan. Create strategies and goals and steps on how go about in the promotion and marketing of your books. Ask yourself: who will buy your book? What age group should you target your promotion?

 4. Explore your creative side. Take advantage of your book’s details such as location, time period/era, location and make them an inspiration in making connections. Use your character’s occupation, hobbies, interest as reference in developing strategies for marketing.

book marketing2 35 Book Marketing Ideas That Will You Sell MORE Books

Select A Domain Name For Your Author Website!

5. Create your author website and make sure that it is SEO ready in order to attract more site visitors and potential buyers.

 6. Create a blog post/site that would link back to your books.

 7. You can also make sure to link your books to trending topics as these topics get more views from readers, which could attract potential buyers/readers for your books.

 8. Your author website should also be easy to navigate, making your books easy to find and easy to buy.

 9. Create interesting and remarkable content in order to attract people and build your email list. You can use your email list in creating hype linking to your book.

 10. Remember to write a biography about yourself. An author biography would help your readers get to know a little bit about you and your personality. This would help in making readers feel closer to you, creating loyal fans who would be looking forward to the next books you’re going to release.

 11. In line with your author biography, get your author picture professionally done. You can either add it at the end of your book together with the short biography or place your photo on your author site.

 12. Social media interaction is also important. You can schedule whatever you would like to share on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Google+.

  35 Book Marketing Ideas That Will You Sell MORE Books

Social Media Marketing Can Boost Your Book Sales!

13. You can also create an event where you can set up online giveaways. Some social media like Goodreads offer such events.
14. Make use of the Google+ hangouts, which would give your readers a chance to ask questions about your book and its characters.
15. You need to also be knowledgeable on some principles when it comes to copywriting. You should learn how to turn your audience into potential readers and buyers.
16. You can also time the release of your book together with an important event such as the opening of a trade show or the start of a blockbuster and popular movie.
17. In order for you to gain connections and visibility, you can also write guest posts with a back link to your site and your book.
18. Create a great relationship with local media like radio, newspapers for growing connections.
19. Do researches on marketing and promotions via posts by other bloggers and writers.
20. Make the rounds on your local bookstores. Introduce yourself and get to know the staff and owners. Learn to be open to friendships with them. You can also contact experts on your niche and famous book review bloggers.
21. Another great tip on marketing, you give some preview on your upcoming books or if you’ve written a book series, tempt your readers with some sample chapters.
22. Request reviews/testimonials from your readers and post them on your blog.
23. If you have already published a book, you can advertise your previous works every time you publish a new one.
24. Series are now the trend. You can create a series to create a loyal following.
25. One venue where you can surely promote your book is live networking events and conferences. You can write a proposal to the organizer to present at an event in order for you to increase your connections and credibility.
26. For non-fiction writers, you can create a workshop based on your content. This would help you gain expertise level on your readers mind.
27. Add a section at the end of the book with your contact details where your readers can connect with you. This can either be via email, website or social media such as Facebook page.
28. Readers are also eager for coupons, giveaways and contests. Host an event where you can create a contest on your website. You can also offer time-limited freebies to your readers who will buy your book before a certain date.
29. Videos are powerful. You can take it to a further notch by adding video content on your site and you can share the video via social media platforms such as YouTube, Google+, Goodreads and Facebook.
30. Help promote other authors. This will help create a strong network of people for you and your future projects. Other authors can also promote your book to their following.
31. Use Slideshare by embedding your presentation on your author site. Add hyperlinks where viewers can get in touch with your or visit your site.
32. Pinterest has about 70 million users and 80% of them are women. Use this platform to create connections and do some sales.


 35 Book Marketing Ideas That Will You Sell MORE Books

33. Create a book trailer that would show your creativity and skill. Don’t fall for stuff like photo montage and try to incorporate your brand and message. You can hire professionals to make one for you if you feel you don’t have the skills to create one.

 34. You can also consider consigning your book in gift shops, boutiques and galleries. Some owners don’t like purchasing books outright, but are interested in displaying and selling them in their store for a portion of the profit.

 35. Don’t forget to have fun and take a moment to breathe. Not everything on the list needs to be done in one day, so don’t fret. Enjoy the process. You can add more strategies along the way and you will find out which work and which doesn’t.

The journey of writing, publishing, marketing, promoting and selling your book is a roller-coaster ride.

One tip might work for you, another might not, but it’s important to keep testing.

Don’t get discouraged, this might take time, but the outcome can be life changing in terms of the Amazon Royalty you can get.

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