27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

WaysToFindMoreBlogContentIdeas 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

Let’s face it, content creation is really difficult: whether it’s writing website copy, crafting social content, or writing whitepapers and e-books.

It’s even more difficult when you are an author and you have to write content for your book and then find inspiration to write content for your blog.

Authors who leverage the book launch formula have even more content to write and the same applies to any business owner doing an online marketing – between the emails, sales page and social media content you have to write, you might consider that you’ve hit your quota of content creation.

Who the heck has time to blog???

I hate to break it to you, but blogging is essential for any business owner from consultants, to real estate professionals to authors (yes, you book is a business).

Blogging can seem like a chore because it’s additional work, but in time, your blog can become a powerful client-magnet or read- magnet.

I wanted to boost your blogging activities by offering a quick list of tips that will make things much easier for you.


Drum Roll Please!

WaysToFindMoreBlogContentIdeas 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

Here’s my list of 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

1.  Do random Google searches.If you can’t think of what to write, spend some time on social media or non-industry-related sites can help break you out of your rut. It’s kind of like how you think of your best ideas when you’re not thinking.

2. Create Swipe files. Keep a running list of awesome marketing campaigns, interesting ideas, and fascinating data that may come to you while you are on a run, at the grocery store, or even just waking up in the morning.

3. Create a bank of ideas on Trello.Trello.com is my new favourite tool and it’s also the perfect tool for brain-dumping topic ideas and organizing them however best suits you.

4. Keep a list of the most frequently asked questions from clients. Whether they come from customers, prospects, colleagues, friends, or your own brain, if one person has asked the question, you can be sure others have thought it. Refer to this list of questions when you’re looking for new blog post ideas.

5. Try Feedly for ideas. Create a group of RSS feeds in an RSS reader like Feedly — just for identifying news to jack. Fill it with news publications and other sites that publish news about your industry. Check it once or twice a day for newsjacking opportunities.

6. Apply some pressure. This is a neat “Laptop Trick.” If you’re on a deadline, go write somewhere without your power cord. Set the time it takes your battery to die as your time limit to finish the piece. Trust me … you’ll get that blog post written in time.

7. Do some fact discover on FactBrowser. Factbrowser is a data search engine that will open a world of content possibilities!

8. Use Skitch and Clarify for screenshots.You can use both Skitch (produced by Evernote) and Clarity to create awesome screenshots. You can find your inspiration from your screenshots and then craft your post around that.

9. Ask your tribe what they want to read. Looking for examples to support your claims? Can’t think of any? If you need more ideas for your blog post, ask your social media followers what they think.

10. Google Alerts are brilliant. Google Alerts allow you to track news base on specific keywords. This will tremendously help you with the content you produce.

11. Interview smart & successful people. Do you want to share great content even if you don’t master the subject? If you know someone who has that expertise, set up an interview with them to get your content written.

12. Do a podcast instead. If you find writing tedious, try podcasting! Podcasts can get great traction on iTunes, and you can embed that player on your blog with a little text to put it in context, and you-are-done!

13. Turn a video into a post. Don’t get me going on video! I LOVE THIS STUFF. Leverage video and YouTube and add this to your blog and magic will happen.

Krizia LOVES YouTube! If you’ve not subscribed to my channel, make sure to watch how I use YouTube!


WaysToFindMoreBlogContentIdeas2 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

14. Write series. If you’ve written a successful post in the past, you can piggyback on that and expand on that success.

15. A formula that implements all the basic elements of a post is a great way to get started writing. For instance, I like to write down an intro if it’s already in my head, then add the headers I know I want, and, if it’s a list post, some of the items I know I want in there. Then comes the preview image, the meta description stuff, and voila! I’m not looking at a blank screen, and I’m less likely to forget all that stuff before I publish.

16. Use numbers. I don’t have to explain this too much. Most of my blog posts are numbers! Remember you can have odd numbers and weird numbers like 89. It doesn’t have to be a list of 20-30 or 25 to work!

17. List the A-B-Cs. This is powerful because you have at least 26 posts you can work from. Start with the letter “A” and do down the alphabet. You can do this for any subject! Then pick another subject, rinse and repeat.

18. Try Infographics to tell your story. This is the hottest trend now on Pinterestand Facebook. You can get an Infographic designed on Fiverr.com and share it on our blog!

WaysToFindMoreBlogContentIdeas3 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!


19. Media Mix. Feel free to mix your video or podcast or Infographic mixed with a little bit of text to create a cool interactive post.

20. Tell your story. Your story (woes and wows) can be turned into a “learnable moment” for your audience.

21. Share your clients’ wins! Everyone loves to rejoice at someone else’s good fortune. Share the good news with your tribe.

22. Track great stories on social media. Honestly, if you are at lost for content, spend 15 minutes on your favorite social media and the ideas will flow.

23. Turns the news into content. The news is rarely happy. The media sells by sharing bad news and scaring people. There’s plenty there to turn around as a valuable post.

24. Do you like Reality TV? I detest Reality TV. I’m one of these people who believes that Reality TV has lowered the standards of television. That said, I know I’m a minority here and if you love Reality TV, use it in your posts – loads of people do Google search to track their fave Reality TV show.

25. Do product reviews. It can even be a book review! If you’ve bought a product or service that you like or don’t like, turn it into a valuable post for your readers.

26. Respond to emails via a post. I’ve done this many times and have done numerous video responses and that makes for great content!

27. Use Google autocomplete.Not sure what to blog about? Type one of your search terms into Google and see what starts to fill in. Often, it’s a good long-tail variation of a head term and most likely something people are already searching for online.

 [Productivity Idea]

WaysToFindMoreBlogContentIdeas4 27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!


There were a few productivity tips I couldn’t omit, as I know they will help you a lot!

[Productivity idea #1]Secure Google+ authorship for your content. Search engine results with your smiling face tend to get more click throughs than those without. Set up your Google+ authorship so you can reap those benefits.

[Productivity idea #2] Block off writing blocks on your calendar.Block off writing time like you block off meetings. It’ll help you bucket your time more efficiently and prevent you from getting pulled away by the 1,000,000 other things you have to do that just can’t wait.

[Productivity idea #3] Turn off your Skype chat.If you’re like me, one bleep from a Skype chat can throw me off my game. When I really need to get some blogging done, I sign out – end of story.

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