7 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

ReasonsWhyNoOneIsReadingYourBlog 7 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog

Nothing is more disheartening than writing content for your blog week after week and to check out your stats to only see a handful of blog readers engaged with your content.

Blogging takes time, but there are ways to improve on what you’re doing to see results faster.

In the following lessons, I’ll share 7 reasons why no one is reading your blog and what you can do about it.

1) No one can find your content. In marketing jargon that means “your blog content isn’t optimized for search engines” – basically when you write, Google is incapable of finding any of your content so Google is unable to share it with people on the world wide web!

One of the reasons blogging is such an effective inbound marketing tool is its direct tie to search. Because each blog post you publish is another page to get indexed in search engines, the more blog content you create, the more opportunities you have to get found by searchers.

If you just launched a blog, don’t expect miracles – PLEASE BE PATIENT!

In fact, the average blog will see a 45% growth in traffic when increasing total blog articles/posts from 11-20 to 21-50 articles.

2) No one knows you even have a blog: If you’re not promoting your blog, no one will find it. Not only will you not get any blog readers, but you also won’t build a list of raving fans.

Once you’ve written your blog content, you NEED TO MAKE SURE you market your blog!

ReasonsWhyNoOneIsReadingYourBlog1 7 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog


>>> Here are a few ideas to help you promote your blog posts:


a. Promote your blog posts in social media.

b. Include blog content in lead-nurturing workflows and send a dedicated email to your list to announce that your blog even exists.

c. Post that content on social bookmarking sites.

d. Convert that content into multi media content.

It’s time to think like a marketer, not a blogger — the success of your blog isn’t only dependent on the editorial side of things (but yes, we’ll get to that soon, too).

3) Have you set your blog up for social sharing? Allow your raving fans and faithful readers to help get the word out about your blog. Add social sharing buttons to every post you publish to enable your current visitors to share your content, too. This way, you’ll expose your blog to the people in your readers’ networks — in other words, new audiences you might not have reached otherwise.

Those social media buttons seriously increase the likelihood your visitors will share your content in the first place.

4) Add images that WOW your readers. Including compelling images and craft attention-grabbing titles. And if you’re publishing visual content on your blog, go the extra mile to improve the social shareability(aka make those images irresistible to share) of your visual content by following the tips:

* a. Add a Pin It button to leverage your images.

* b. Add a dedicated Pinterest board of your sleek images.

* c. Choose high-quality images.

* d. Add all those sleek photos on Facebook and link back to your post.

* e. Leverage those photos on SlideShare.

* f. Hire someone off of Fiverr.com to create an infographics.

5) Make sure to encourage visitors to subscribe:Please be warned, I’m going to keep repeating this until my eyes turn blue!

ReasonsWhyNoOneIsReadingYourBlog2 7 Reasons Why No One Is Reading Your Blog


You MUST ALWAYS capture the name and email of your visitors. Not everyone will be willing to engage with you at that level, but if you don’t ask … you don’t get.

Place an attractive opt-in form at the top of your blog and at the bottom (in your footer).

6) Make sure to share valuable content:People will tune out if on only post about “you”! There are always ways for you to add value by sharing content that matters and being seen as an authority in your niche, This will force people to take note and when it’s time to promote your product or services, more people will be willing to listen.

7) Add your personality to your copy: Make sure your copy isn’t dry. Add your own flare and personality to your blog content. It goes without saying the content must be quality, but make it fun, compelling to read and more importantly, compelling to share.

No one expects blog posts to be perfect, but do mind grammatical errors and PLEASE put your hand on your heart and say “I promise Krizia to never outsource my blog content to a firm in India”! I know it might be tempting to outsource this, but you lose your voice, flare and sabor (that’s flavor in Spanish). It’s so easy to spot a “canned” blog article/post because it’s so mechanical and doesn’t flow well.

The More Technical Side Of Getting Your Content Easily Found

When you read my content, you know Miss K wrote it.

If you schedule time to write one 1000-word blog post per week that you market like crazy, it’s way better than publishing 5 blog posts that were outsourced!

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