How To Promote Your Blog Content!

Promote Your Blog Content1 How To Promote Your Blog Content!

How to distribute your content to the right people might be the most challenging dilemma you’ll face if you blog to help promote your business or your brand.

Not enough blog writers think about the available audience they have for the content they are putting out.

For example, if I create an e-book that I want people to download, I could roughly calculate the possible audience for that I want people to download, I could roughly calculate the possible audience for that e-book as:

* If I get 10,000 monthly visitors and 6% of them download my free report, that means 600 people a month are totally engaging with my content.

* If I have 10,000 on my email list and I get a 3% click through rate, that means that 300 people on my list are totally engaging with my content.

* If you get 8,000 clicking on the opt-in page you have on Facebook looking to download that report, that 200 people that are migrating from Facebook and engaging with your content.

When you write a blog, you use that content as fuel to get more people to come to your blog so that they can sign-up on your mailing list.

One of the most important pieces of real estate marketing you have on your blog is your opt-in box – which should be VERY prominent.

Promote Your Blog Content How To Promote Your Blog Content!


>>>If you’ve been struggling with ways to distribute your content, the following content distribution tips should help:

1) Distribution Channels: These are the channels I own, across which I can promote the e-book. I have a blog, an email list, plus a Linked In, Google+, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter page.

2) Multi-media Channels: If important to integrate video and podcasts via iTunes as part of your distribution plan.

3) Leverage PowerPoint Presentations: SlideShare is a powerful way to recycle content that will get people flocking to your blog to sign-up on your distribution list.

4) Available Audience: Make sure to always consider, the audience you have available across each of the distribution channels listed in the first three bullet points.

>>> Example:

Each blog post averages 10,000 views; I have an email list of 10,000 readers, plus a Facebook page with 8,000 fans, I have 1,000 subscribers on YouTube and 1,000 followers on Twitter.

5) Engagement (CTR): This is the click-through rate (CTR) on each of those channels. It’s the people clicking on the call-to-action to my e-book from my blog (aka: Download my e-book packed with great tips), email, and social channels.

6) Engaged Audience: From that, I get a possible engaged audience for that e-book. This is the number of people who will click through to the landing page to download that e-book.

When it comes to distribution, you need to focus on increasing the size of your available audience (by increasing your blog readership, email lists, and number of social followers), but also increasing the number of distribution channels your have.

I’ll be honest and won’t sugar coat it, increasing the size of your available audience takes time and it can be a frustrating hill to climb, but the trick is to be patient and be willing to try a few things before you find the winning formula.

You have to constantly over-deliver on the value you create to grow a following across each of those channels.

It’s also becoming clear that to reach more people across some of those channels, you might need to pay.

Facebook recently admitted their organic reach was falling short and that brands essentially had to buy ads to reach their own audience.

This is big news! It definitely changed a number of things for me, as I decided to spend less time marketing on Facebook if I wasn’t ready to pay to get my content in front of the right audience.

Getting good at paid promotion on platforms like Facebook can really help you get visibility for your content. That said, being successful with Facebook ads does take practice.

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