Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!

how to design a cover that sells Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!

First impressions count in life and on Amazon. If you don’t believe look at this follow below and tell me you don’t agree!


how to design a cover that sells2 Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!


The reality is that people DO judge a book by its cover … and they do so within a matter of seconds!

Don’t kid yourself in thinking that if you want to be successful with your Amazon books, you can upload any ugly cover and expect buyers to trip all over themselves all the way to the payment cart – it’s just NOT going to happen.

There is a darn good reason why the BIG publishing companies pay hot-shot graphic designers THOUSANDS of dollars to design their book covers.

The importance of cover design has prompted many big publishers to come up with different covers for different markets, catering to the unique culture of each region.

Design principles are not the same the whole world over, leading to, for example, simpler designs on many UK covers, with more frequent use of negative space, and more detailed designs on US covers that cram in more imagery, potentially speaking to different cultural perceptions of “value for money”.

Some publishers will even get two different covers designed for the same book to test and then once they have a winner, they roll out the book gladded with the winning cover across North America.

These big publishers know that the right cover can equate to hundreds of thousands of dollars of book sales and a lot of royalty cheques for that author!

When a cover design is poorly produced it can also create preconceptions in the mind of the reader, setting them in “critical” mode as opposed to “enjoyment” mode.

With their attention already drawn to errors and sloppiness, they will more easily spot mistakes in the text, or might even go looking for them. They are also likely to be less forgiving of typos than they would of what appears to be a more professional work.

Your Book Cover Needs To Entice Your Ideal Audience Into Buying!

Great cover designs therefore need to draw the reader’s attention, engage them on an emotional level, suggest the tone and style of the work, and showcase the quality of the book itself, all the while taking into consideration the potential cultural expectations of the reader.

This is a monumental task, without doubt, but one that could be a deciding factor in making a book a bestseller.

how to design a cover that sells3 Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!


Let me share some powerful FACTS WITH YOU:

If you want to sell more books, you need to:

1. Pay a lot to get great covers made

2. Know Photoshop and create your own killer covers.

3. Outsource to platforms like Fiverr, but it’s a hit or miss

4. Pray for a better solution

You see, the cover is not only a billboard for the book, but, in a sense, the first page of the story, because it is here that the book can communicate a little of the style and mood of the tale inside. A dark cover, with lots of shadow, can suggest a horror, while a bright white cover with clouds could suggest a motivational textbook. This is important because it speaks to the emotions of the reader, engaging them on a deeper level, and thus potentially not only securing a book sale, but setting the stage for whether or not they will like the book in the first place.

A cover can also create preconceptions in a reader’s mind about what the characters or the setting look like. It is debatable whether or not this is a good thing, as the cover design may not match the author or reader’s ideas, but it could act as a visual aid where necessary.

Romance and erotica obviously make good use of this fact with appealing couples on the front cover, enticing readers as much as they might entice each other as characters in the story.

If you’re on a budget and praying hasn’t been working so well for you in terms of getting you more book sales, you might want to consider this really neat new way of creating your own stunning-looking book covers in a few minutes.


Take A Look At These (If You Click On The Image You Can See The Entire Gallery)



how to design a cover that sells42 Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!

If you’re on a budget, you’re going to LOVE THESE!


how to design a cover that sells5 Attractive Book Covers Sell More Books!


KD Cover Kit is an eye-popping collection of book cover templates that will make you say “Wow!”

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These aren’t cheap amateur designs designed by some guy on Fiverr – these are created by one of the web’s top graphic designers.

The big publishing companies spend thousands to hire the best designers to create covers for them – why?

Because it’s really darn important!

People make up their mind about a book just by looking at the cover and they do so in a fraction of a second.

So you NEED a killer cover if you want customers to WANT your book.

Plus…don’t you DESERVE a professional cover?

You work long and hard to write and edit your book, right?  So why give it an unprofessional look and feel that hurts your chances of making sales?

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 ***PLEASE NOTE: This product requires Photoshop, which is an image editing software.***