Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

online book clubs Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

You have now finished your book and you’re thinking about your next step: selling and where to sell your book.

One of the best ways to make your book known to the readers would be the word of mouth recommendation. It’s absolutely free and an effective way to make your book known to readers.

You can also join online communities like Online Book Clubs to reach out to a good number of readers.  Book clubs can help with your book’s promotion, which would eventually lead to an increase in sales.

Here Are Some Tips On How To Create Buzz About Your Book Through Online Book Clubs

how to create buzz Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

1.    Join a book club. Once you have successfully joined a book club, introduce to the leader or point person of the club to yourself and your book. You can offer them a free copy of your book so that they can read it. Request from them a chance to discuss your book. Also prepare challenging questions which could start the ball rolling in a healthy and interesting discussion. You should avoid questions with just a yes or no answer. This would defeat the purpose in trying to create curiosity and lively discussion about the book. Here’s a good question to stir up interest: “If you were given the chance to change something in the book, what would that be?” “How would you respond to the situation if you were the main character?”

Here are some book clubs you would want to look into joining:

a)    GoodReads – This site alone boasts of more than 4,744book clubs registered online and one of the book clubs that has a large number of members is the Addicted to YA, boasting a whopping 20 million members (according to Wikipedia).

goodreads Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

Why GoodReads Makes Sense When It Comes To Selling WAY More Books?

If you’re looking for a powerful way to promote your book, you no doubt have heard of the massive power of GoodReads’ 20 million+ SUPER avid and passionate readers?

GoodReads encourages shameless promotion and you’ve got to love that.

What I love the most is the fact that they were bought out in on March 28, 2013, by the King Kong of online publishing – Amazon!

I know-I know GoodReads is confusing, overwhelming and a lot to take in … especially when your only goal in life is writing and not “promoting”.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s now officially impossible to put out a book and see exponential sales if you don’t promote the heck out of it!

If you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook promoting your book to a warm audience, you might want to diverse your time and focus more on GoodReads’ hot and passionate audience.

GoodReads Will Make Your Book Sales Sizzle!!!

I’m sure you can see the potential in incorporating GoodReads – the fastest growing platform for influencers in the writing space – into your book marketing and platform building strategy.

Not only do you have a way to connect with passionate readers and influential people in the book industry, but a path is also provided for those readers and influencers to discuss, share and promote your work.

That’s what I call “buzz”!

Earlier I suggested you spend less time on Facebook and more time on GoodReads, but I want to make sure you don’t confuse GoodReads with the long list of other social media platforms out there  – because it’s far more than a Twitter.

Social media gives you access to the masses, while GoodReads provides access to insatiable readers, book bloggers and book buyers.

It’s definitely worth a little effort up front to become a part of this community and generate ongoing promotion for you and your books.

I’d dare to claim that GoodReads is potentially one of the most important places for an author to spend time online and I’d also highlight the fact that Goodreads is NOT just for fiction writers.

There’s a growing number of non fiction titles (some of them worldwide Bestsellers), and there is unquestionably an audience for them.

And to dispel another common misconception, GoodReads is not just for physical books. You might be surprised to find out that e-books are also popular, and although not all books are available in digital form, the library is growing dramatically! Thank you Kindle publishing!


 Here Are Some Additional Marketing Strategies To Leverage GoodReads


GoodReads: How People Discover Books Online

Building a Platform on GoodReads

Even “Queen” Oprah Understands The Importance Of GoodReads

Here’s an exert of Oprah announcing her latest book selection for her O Book Club to GoodReads readers:



b)     Amazon Book Club – What better way than be part of book clubs of one of the largest online store for authors and readers. Here you can subscribe to a certain category and you’ll get recommendations and news of upcoming books as well. You can also join online discussions about books that are new.

amazon book club picks Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

c)     BookTalk.org – This is an online reading group club and discussion group.

booktalk Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

d)     BookMooch.com – BookMooch is a swapping site devoted to helping you give away your old reads and load up on new ones. Simply enter the titles of the books you’d like to give away and once someone takes one, you’re free to pick up a title of your choice. Instead of giving away your old reads, you can give away your eBook and request for a review.

bookmooch Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs


2. Use your book to start an event like a field trip, community project, etc. If your book is about caring for the environment, then you can invite the members to volunteer for a clean-up campaign or you can start a tree-planting event. The readers would not only talk about your book being a wonderful read, but would also give them a chance to experience a meaningful event which they can share. Remember, word of mouth recommendation is a great way to get people to grab a copy of your book.
3. Accept Invitations. Once you’ve established a following, you can accept invitations from the book club and its members to meet with you or talk to you via social media such as Skype, Facebook Chat or Google Hangouts. This would be an exciting time for the fans. One advantage in using social media to meet with your fans is that it is cheaper and you can avoid going to bookstores for book signing events where fans turnout are minimal.

You can also offer a free call to book clubs which would create an intimate one-on-one getting to know stage between you and the readers. This way you can create a stronger bond with your fans and this would make them anticipate and look forward to the books that you would be releasing in the future.

Use book clubs to your advantage especially in increasing your book sales and fan base.  You can freely promote your books to readers on book clubs as well as allow them to meet with you and get to know more about you and your book.

Now you’ve established that and you’ve published your eBook or your content, you know that you’re only half way there.  You need people to see your eBook or content. And one of the steps you need to take is making sure you choose the right categories and tags so that when people are looking for a particular content using tags associated with your genre then your eBook would come up on the search results. Knowing your target audience would also help you in reaching out to those who are interested in the particular genre of your content. This would help you in marketing your eBook and would definitely add the chances of your target readers to find you among all the other contents in Amazon.

Here Another Way Of Getting More Book Sales From Online Book Clubs

Way Of Getting More Book Sales Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

Here’s another way of getting readers interested in buying your eBook: getting great reviews, five-star reviews, from readers who have actually read your book.

You’re now wondering how you’re going to get that. You can consider giving your friends, acquaintances or associates who you met through book clubs, social media, a copy of your eBook in exchange of leaving a good review on Amazon if they enjoyed and liked reading it. Believe it or not, a lot of readers consider the reviews a book gets before buying it. The more wonderful reviews you receive the greater the chance that readers will buy your eBook.

Definitely when you have made all the right moves in marketing your eBook or content, then you’re on your way to increasing your sales.


Online Book Clubs Can Really Help You Sell WAY More Books

Online Book Clubs Sell More Books Via Online Book Clubs

You’ll have to invest some time, but the reward can be HUGE!

Don’t get overwhelmed by the process of interacting and maintaining an active profile on Online Book Clubs. The best strategy is to start with one or two and build your way up.

Alternatively, you can outsource the work, but again, I’d start by focusing on one or two platforms, get some good traction, then move on to the next one.


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When well managed, Online Book Clubs can truly help you sell way more books a lot easier!

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