5 Reasons Why Your Book is NOT Selling

2 26 2014 9 49 33 PM  5 Reasons Why Your Book is NOT Selling

As most of you know, I’ve conducted a number of one-on-one coaching right after the launch of the Kindle Bestseller Blueprint.

I was so honoured that so many authors would want my help in promoting their book and climbing the Amazon ranks!

That said, I’ve noticed a series of commonalities among some clients and I thought I’d share a few things you can quickly correct and see better results with your book marketing efforts!

1.  You don’t do enough research. Amazon gives you all the answers! Being original is something to keep for the content of your book … NOT your title or sub-title. Allow Amazon to tell you what works and doesn’t! PLEASE do not guess!

2. You’re not clear on your book’s ideal audience. There’s nothing more important in book marketing than being EXTREMELY clear about who is most likely to buy your book. Your potential ideal reader is someone who you’ll want to either educate, entertain, enlighten, or inform.

Drill down your audience — what’s the gender, age range, marital status, household income level of the person you wrote the book for? Is she a parent? What does he read, watch, or listen to? Is she urban, rural, or suburban? What about professions, hobbies, and interests? The more you know about your target market, the easier it will be to get your book title in front of the people in that group.

If you’re a kid’s author, remember, you have 2 audiences – the child and their parents (aka person pulling out their credit card).

3.  You don’t have to use every book marketing tactic on the planet earth.Too many of us promote our books by doing what we see other authors doing. If those authors write for the same audience as you and are selling tons of books, that makes sense.

Otherwise, you want to be more thoughtful about which tactics and tools you use.

A great example is Pinterest!

If you specialize in sci-fi, that might not be the first place to consider. That said, if you write romance novels or books for kids … Pinterest might be logical place to promote your book given 98% of the audience are women and most are moms.

4. You hate marketing!Learn enough about book marketing to make an informed decision about how to spend your precious book marketing time. This will prevent you from getting frustrated. Become a book marketing enthusiast to sell more books!

5.  You’re desperately spamming.We’ve all endured tweets from the author who sends out “Buy my book on Amazon!” messages nonstop. And what about the author who posts overtly promotional messages on your Facebook timeline as soon as you accept his/her friend request? That’s just not the way to promote a book or build a group of raving fans because you’re turning people off. Those types of desperate authors just don’t take the time to learn how to do it the “right” way. Please go back to my point #4 – “Become a book marketing enthusiast to sell more books.”

Most authors can make serious progress by executing just a few tactics well – pick three and dominate those platforms instead of being all over the place. Learning which ones to use to reach your ideal reader, and how to use them, will make a significant difference in your results – aka MORE BOOK SALES.

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2 13 2014 9 38 36 PM  5 Reasons Why Your Book is NOT Selling

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