9 Ways To Use YouTube To Sell More Non Fiction Books

2 24 2014 10 14 38 PM 9 Ways To Use YouTube To Sell More Non Fiction Books

Anyone who has been using video and YouTube in their business will tell you that once the videos are out there … you never know who will see them and which amazing opportunities will arise from putting yourself out there.

We’re talking about book deals, media opportunities, joint ventures, speaking engagements, being contacted by a big company wanting to produce the animated version of your kids storybook and so much more!

Video is powerful and it’s really a question of you getting started!

The problem is that most non fiction authors don’t know where to start with video.

That’s too bad because a few savvy non fiction authors have been able to build their credibility and help them connect in an authentic way with their ideal readers & clients.

This is so powerful in so many ways and let me explain how …

In essence, they create the kind of structure that allows them to turn pretty much anything they launch (may it be a product, service or a book) into pure gold and allow them to make a lot of money in their business very quickly.

In the marketing world, we call that leveraging the “Know, Like And Trust Factor” and it’s a surefire way for you to go from selling books to selling a massive number of books.

As a non fiction author you can use video to showcase your expertise and really leverage that Know, Like And Trust Factor”!

And that really means, using a powerful marketing platform to sell more books.

2 23 2014 9 36 34 PM 9 Ways To Use YouTube To Sell More Non Fiction BooksIn Fact, As A Non Fiction Author You Can Create Videos That:


1. Put into action the concepts of your book

2.  Show how your current clients are getting results from your concepts

3. Raise your authority

4. Put yourself on the same level as influencers in your industry

5. Create buzz around your pre-launch

6. Give people good reasons to buy your book

7. Promote your profile

8. Help build your tribe of potential clients

9. Open the door to powerful media opportunities

… And much more

There are two ways to get traction (fancy word to say video views) on YouTube – you have to either share videos that entertain or videos that educate!

Here Are 9 Ways To Help You Get More Traction, Get More Video Views And Sell More Books

1. Partner With Top Names On YouTube In Your Category. There are many YouTube users who are top names in your category who have hundreds of thousands of subscribers. Research to find top names on YouTube whose audiences may be interested in your book and services and partner with them. Have them talk about you in their videos (or better yet video book launch). Give them freebies.

2. Link Back to Your Author Site. One of the best ways to turn YouTube views into traffic and sales is to invite viewers back to your author site or blog at the end of your videos. Then, make it really easy for them by including a clickable link right in the video description box. Make sure you look at where your website traffic is coming from; you might just notice that YouTube traffic is the most engaged of all of your book marketing activities.

3. Fill Out Your Descriptions Properly. YouTube is owned by Google, so each video you publish on YouTube has the potential for high search visibility. Make sure to fill out every available empty box when you publish your video: title, tags/keywords, description, category.

4. Be Clever Non Fiction Author When It Comes To Using Video. YouTube is quickly becoming a saturated market for online marketing, so you’ve got to stand out with your videos. Inject humour, use creative graphics and do anything you can to get your video to stand out from the rest. That’s how you’ll get new viewers to watch your videos who can potentially buy your book!

5. Tell a Story.Make sure to also share your own story or author journey and don’t only focus on the book you’re promoting. People buy the author and then his/her vision, aka your book.

6. Highlight Your Fans With Fan Videos. Testimonials are the greatest marketing out there. Ask your readers and customers to post short YouTube videos about their experiences with your books or brand — both positive and negative. These videos tell your story in a genuine way. The positive comments are obviously helpful, and the unflattering ones create even more value because they allow you to learn how you need to improve.

7. Single Out Readers Or Consultancy Clients. When readers or clients email questions, answer then via a YouTube video! Now that’s a powerful way to showcase your expertise and compel people to buy your book.

8. Embed Your Videos On Your Blog. This is my secret sauce to getting traffic to the blog you’re reading while increasing my ranking on YouTube!

9. Maximize YouTube. Be a prolific video producer. YouTube videos are so stinking simple to make and publish that if you take the time to upload just one YouTube video each week (by the way, that’s 52 at the end of the year), you will see MORE TRAFFIC& MORE BOOK SALES. As an author, there’s loads of content you can convert into attention grabbing videos that you share all over the Internet to increase awareness to your book & profile! This means there will be more potential readers aware of your book, more book buyers and people signing up to your list.

It’s that simple and it’s all good!!!

Here’s One Of The Best Ads I’ve Seen Lately On YouTube.

Notice how Jeep is using the story of this woman to sell their vehicle instead of saying “buy our car”.

It’s the “story” that sells the car.

As an author, you’re a master-storyteller and creating that connection will help you attract more viewers who can be potential book buyers!

Make sure to take the time to watch the entire video!

Sharing Makes My Heart Sing!

2 13 2014 9 38 36 PM 9 Ways To Use YouTube To Sell More Non Fiction Books

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