How To Build A Killer Press Page

2 13 2014 9 01 45 PM How To Build A Killer Press Page

NEWSFLASH: There are millions of books uploaded on Kindle and Amazon ever week. If you want to sell more books, it has to be clear – what makes yours different?

You have to define that if you hope of getting featured in big media or getting into retail outlets.

If you have a physical book, you’ll want to drum up some interest among smaller retailers because there are still a number of them in most cities and they do account for a good number of book sales.

Smaller retailers appeal to an audience of book lovers who still want that physical connection with a book before buying it.

When I had published my own physical book, I really didn’t know I needed one and I believe I was sharing a short blurb via email with smaller retailers in the hope they’d carry my book.

I didn’t get many takers, but when I was featured on the first page of the weekend edition of the major city newspaper, my email exploded with requests.

I was lucky to have gotten that coverage because I had hired a publicist, but what if you don’t have the funds and need to drum up some excitement, how do you do it?

I have 3 words for you: Author Media Kit!!!

So how to you make sure your Author Media Kit is relevant?

>>>Here are some questions to ask yourself when writing about the relevancy of your book:

* Does your book take place in a specific region that would make people take an interest?

*Do you cover a topic/subject matter that a lot of people can easily relate to?

* Does your book shed light on a different perspective of a common issue?

* Do you have specific experience/expertise on a topic discussed in your book?

* Is there a certain aspect of your author experience that makes the book interesting?

* Do you, the author, have a unique background different from most authors?

If you sit down and answer each of the above questions, you should have no problems compiling the essential components of your media kit.

Make sure to keep answers short and to the point!

What should your Author Media Kit include?

1. Professional Bio. Don’t forget to include contact information.

Author photo (one where you are smiling) and preferably, this should be a professional-looking head shot. If you’re using a pen name, you might want to explain that so people know why there isn’t a photo.

2. Book Details. If you’re promoting a recent title, have a page of information about the book — include the basic info needed for a person to find the publication in a bookstore or on Amazon.com, like the full title, your name, publisher, date published, and ISBN.

If possible, include a picture of the cover to add visual interest, even if it’s just a black and white photocopy.

You could also, include reviews and endorsements, press releases, and ordering information.

3. Other Publicity Information. This is what I call social proof!!! Include reviews from past books when possible.

About your bio

Make sure to write your bio in the third person and make sure to clearly indicate how has your life affect your writing voice.

Make it easy for people to fall in love with your book

Q & As are a fantastic way for you to answer people’s questions before they ask them and allow them to know more about your book and be intrigued enough to want to know more.

>>> Here are good questions to have (make sure to answer your questions)

* Where did you get the idea for this book?

* Did any of your inspiration for this book originate in your real life experiences?

* What made you decide to self-publish? (if you used a team to help you self-publish, name them and thank them)

* Are there any specific authors whose writing styles or subject matter inspired your book?

* What’s your next project??

If you plan on sending a Press Release

If that’s part of your book marketing plan, then your Press Release must answer questions about your book.

A release for a media kit should focus on the unveiling of your new work.

Here are some questions your Press Release should answer:

* What’s your book about?

* What’s your writing background?

* Why should someone want to read your book in particular?

Who will like your book? If you are a new writer, it could be a good idea to name a few well-known writers who write in the same genre, i.e.: “If you like erotica books like, E.L. James’ Fifty Shades Of Grey, you will probably enjoy my book.”

* Where can a person find a copy of your book? (let them know if it’s available in digital and/or softcover editions)

* What do you have to say about your book/writing experience? (include your Social Proof, aka: quotes!)

* Where can a reader find more information about you, the author?

* What’s your Social Proof (you can post two or three reviews, especially if they are from reputable sources).

Here’s an example of one of the BEST Author Media Kits I’ve ever seen:

It was created by New York Times Bestselling author Andy Andrews and if you click on the image below, you’ll be taken to the page and you can analyze every single detail and reproduce your own!!!

It’s only 4 pages, but WOW! It’s so brilliantly done. It’s most likely been prepared by a professional publicist, so make sure to take notes!!!

2 13 2014 9 24 30 PM How To Build A Killer Press Page


Remember, a press kit doesn’t have to be complicated or fancy.

Keep the format and font simple. If you’re putting one together for the first time, I’m sure you already have some of the materials needed. Start with the items you already have and then work on adding the others as you go along.

You don’t want to create a press kit at the last minute for the editor, retailers or reviewer who requests one.

You should have a printed version that can be dropped in the mail or handed out in person if/when requested.

If you do get a request for a printed media kit, be sure that you print it on a good printer, on good paper.

For mailings, you should also print a nice label and use a full size envelope so you don’t have to fold anything.

First impressions do count! You want to come across as professional as possible, so go to an office supply store if need be, but always put your best foot forward.

One last piece of advice, hire someone from Fiverr to create an attractive PDF like Andy Andrews and then upload the final version on your blog OR author page and you will look like such a professional published author!!!

Unleash Your Martha Stewart& Keep It Organized!

I’m sorry, I don’t have a male counterpart for Martha, that said, you want to protect and organize all this work!

It is a good idea to put this information onto a DVD or USB key and keep it on your computer/laptop/iPad/Mobile device in a file so that you have it all at hand when you want to  share the information.

It looks so much more professional if your author press kit is neat and together.

Since it does take time to compile, you should also save a copy on your external hard drive.

Make sure to have a media kit for EACH ONE OF YOUR BOOKS!

With each new book your release, you should create a new media kit with specific details on your new title.

Pretty soon, you’ll have an army of publicists waiting in the wings to swoop in when you need them and promote your books!!!

Sharing Makes My Heart Sing!

Thanks for sharing this if you find it has value and it can help others!

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