Social Media Plan 101 For Authors To Sell More Books

2 4 2014 9 55 36 PM Social Media Plan 101 For Authors To Sell More Books

I know as an author you already have a lot to do and think of and that’s why I thought it might be helpful to share a quick social marketing plan to make that part of your job much easier.

I know it’s rewarding to get the random retweet or getting a few people to share an announcement about your book, but you don’t want to leave your book sales or the possibility of becoming a Bestselling author to chance!

If your goal is to become a successful author, you MUST have a solid plan or else … it won’t happen.

To create your formula for success, first consider the following:

2 4 2014 9 55 56 PM Social Media Plan 101 For Authors To Sell More Books

Why do I want to use social media to promote your book?

What I mean: to sell books, to connect with readers, or promote a Hangout

What do I want to accomplish with your social media efforts?

What I mean: gain followers to your social media, create a niche following for your books, or build an author platform.

How much time do you have to spend each day on social media?

What I mean: You must determine how much time you’re willing to invest on social media. Will it be 15 minutes in the morning and evening, one hour total per day.

You’ll need to make a commitment to your social media every day once you get started.

Two smaller chunks are better than one larger one so you can check on comments and activity.

If that’s too much time for you each day, it might be an activity you outsource!

How To Craft A Winning Social Media Plan For Your Book

2 4 2014 9 56 18 PM Social Media Plan 101 For Authors To Sell More Books

The first thing I should mention is the time you spend promoting your book on social media should be focused. That’s not the time to catch up on the latest online games or gossip – it’s time for you to let the world know about your new book.

You have a definite idea of your social media goals, it’s time for action!

Choosing the right platform where you can target your ideal reader will help you see results. You’ll want to keep in mind that each different social platform offers a way to connect with others and share your ideas but choosing the right one or ones to meet your goals is important.

Let’s look at the reasons why you’d pick one social media versus another:

Why Twitter:

  • It’s fast
  • It’s becoming more mainstream with #hashtags being mentioned on television shows and sport events

Why Pinterest:

  • 98% of users are women
  • More content shared on Pinterest result in a same than other social media platforms
  • Great way to promote your YouTube content

Why LinkedIn:

  • Perfect for non fiction authors
  • Reach executives and professionals
  • LinkedIn groups have focused conversations and great place to promote content from your blog

Why Google+:

  • Very easy to meet relevant people
  • Boost in your SEO with social search
  • Google+ communities are the ultimate in social connections because they are focused, smart, and easy to use
  • Google+ hangouts allow a deeper connection with the benefit of having live events that are recorded and uploaded automatically to YouTube

Why Facebook:

  • You’re familiar with the platform so it’s easy to get started
  • You may already know people there following you

To avoid getting overwhelmed with your social media strategy, you might want to pick three of these platforms and make your mark by being active.

That will yield better results than being a little here, a little there, a litter everywhere!

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