7 Best Ways To Get Book Reviews To Sell More Books!

1 25 2014 8 03 15 PM 7 Best Ways To Get Book Reviews To Sell More Books!

If you’ve published a book or if you’re about to publish your first book, you must have already heard the buzz about book reviews!

Here are a few reasons why book reviews are extremely important to your publishing success:

1. They let Amazon know your book is “worthy” of being featured because people are paying attention and talking (good or bad).

2. It helps with book discovery and visibility – which helps with sales.

3. People are more trusting to buy a book from an indie author when they see others have jumped in and bought a copy before they did.

4. In some ways, it legitimizes your work as an author.

5. At the end of the day, base on Amazon’s algorithm, reviews influence how much they’re willing to recommend your book and THAT has a HUGE IMPACT on your book sales.

You should know that since late 2012 things have changed a bit, as Amazon did a major house cleaning and removed many legitimate and “bought” reviews.

So now, as authors, we not only have the challenge of getting reviews, we now have to hold our breathes and hope that King Kong, oops, I mean Amazon, doesn’t remove our reviews base on “secretive” in-house algorithms.

By the way, if you don’t know what algorithm mean, it’s another fancy way for companies like Amazon, YouTube and Google to hide how they go about ranking things.

No one can really understand how it’s done, but we all depend on those algorithms for the survival of our business – that’s so many people who do business online talk about them.

Now that you understand WHY reviews are extremely important to your publishing success, let’s look at the best ways of getting reviews!

I’ll start with the easy way first!

The reason I’m doing that is because the reality is that soliciting and collecting reviews for your book is tedious and frankly hard work, but alas, it’s quite necessary!

So, if there’s an easier way of doing things, I say, let’s tackle that first and work backwards!

A number of clever coders (people who understand Internet stuff really well) have created software that help authors like us cut back on the labour intensive work behind collecting good quality reviews.

If you’re like me, you’ll gladly use any shortcut that provides results, right?

This is my current favourite way of finding quality reviewers on Goodreads and you’ll even be able to find Top Amazon reviewers who are still active: Easiest Way To Get Book Reviews!

If you click on the link above, you’ll be able to watch a short video that explains how you can take the pain out of getting more reviews for your book!

1 25 2014 8 06 19 PM 7 Best Ways To Get Book Reviews To Sell More Books!


So now that we’ve covered the easy way, let’s look at a few more labour intensive ways.

I guess you can call them old school compared to the software I just shared with you, but they are still quite viable methods of getting book reviews!

Here are a few more traditional ways of increasing your book discoverability:

1. Getting Reviews From Your Current Tribe. They already know, like and trust you! Your current readers should be the easiest way for you to get quality reviews for your future books.

2. Getting Reviews From Top Amazon Reviews.I highly encourage you to review the Amazon list of top reviewers (those influencers who post those meaty reviews on Amazon) and then pitch the ones that are right for your market. The lure of the top reviewers is that they possess a certain clout (people trust their opinion). Consider your options with Amazon, and definitely do your research and find some reviewers. The only down side about Top Amazon Reviews is that other solid reviews might get overlooked because this group of chosen few have so much influence on which products many of us buy on Amazon.

3. Getting Reviews From Top Bloggers.Let’s be clear – Bloggers are busy people and you have to have a strategy before approaching them, but the result can be phenomenal for your book sales! The last thing you want to do is email a blogger who has never heard about you and say “PLEASE-PRETTY-PLEASE review my book. That’s not cool. You want to build a relationship … you know … take is slow.Start by following their blogs and posting authentic and helpful comments on their posts — or by retweeting or sharing on Google+ a review of a book that you particularly loved. Get to know the bloggers you’ll be pitching to (that’s so incredibly important). They will also appreciate that you took the time to read their blog, instead of just pitching them.

4. Getting Reviews From Book Clubs. It’s true that GoodReads trumps in this area (well they were bought out by Amazon in 2013), but there are also a number of other online and offline book clubs that can positively affect your sales. Giveaways and contests work really well for book clubs and you can end up with a number of great reviews and you’ll end up with loads of new fans.

5. Leveraging Video Book Tours To Get Reviews. Video book tours are becoming a very popular way of getting great reviews! They are the most effective at creating a solid bond with potential readers and fans.

6. Review other books. This gets your Amazon name out there! There’s nothing wrong with sharing your opinion about other books you might have read! Reviewing other people’s books (try to focus on books that are similar topics to yours) is not only a great thing to do for your industry but a great way to network and show support to fellow writers. People love peer-to-peer reviews, trust me. Imagine if the person you’re reviewing reviewed your book in return? Do you see how that works? That’s what I call “Creating MAGIC!!!” Make sure to send them the review via email or via the contact page on their blog or author site when you’re done to give them a heads up. It’s great karma that could help you get some reciprocal great reviews.

7. Don’t forget, easy is a beautiful thing.These are all great methods that should be part of your book marketing strategy, but I also encourage you to integrate this super and easy way to get quality reviews … that’s so pain-free!

You can watch the video here: Easiest Way To Get Book Reviews!