3 Simple Ways To Get More Book Sales From GoodReads Marketing

12 12 2013 9 43 44 PM 3 Simple Ways To Get More Book Sales From GoodReads Marketing

If you’re looking for a powerful way to promote your book, you no doubt have heard of the massive power of GoodReads’ 17 million+ SUPER avid and passionate readers?

GoodReads encourages shameless promotion and you’ve got to love that.

What I love the most is the fact that they were bought out in April 2013 by the King Kong of online publishing – Amazon!

I know-I know GoodReads is confusing, overwhelming and a lot to take in … especially when your only goal in life is writing and not “promoting”.

I hate to break it to you, but it’s now officially impossible to put out a book and see exponential sales if you don’t promote the heck out of it!

If you’re spending a lot of time on Facebook promoting your book to a warm audience, you might want to diverse your time and focus more on GoodReads’ hot and passionate audience.

GoodReads Will Make Your Book Sales Sizzle!!!

I’m sure you can see the potential in incorporating GoodReads – the fastest growing platform for influencers in the writing space – into your book marketing and platform building strategy.

Not only do you have a way to connect with passionate readers and influential people in the book industry, but a path is also provided for those readers and influencers to discuss, share and promote your work.

That’s what I call “buzz”!

Earlier I suggested you spend less time on Facebook and more time on GoodReads, but I want to make sure you don’t confuse GoodReads with the long list of other social media platforms out there  – because it’s far more than a Twitter.

Social media gives you access to the masses, while GoodReads provides access to insatiable readers, book bloggers and book buyers.

It’s definitely worth a little effort up front to become a part of this community and generate ongoing promotion for you and your books.

I’d dare to claim that GoodReads is potentially one of the most important places for an author to spend time online and I’d also highlight the fact that Goodreads is NOT just for fiction writers.

There’s a growing number of non fiction titles (some of them worldwide Bestsellers), and there is unquestionably an audience for them.

And to dispel another common misconception, GoodReads is not just for physical books. You might be surprised to find out that e-books are also popular, and although not all books are available in digital form, the library is growing dramatically! Thank you Kindle publishing!

GoodReads = Mass Confusion?!?!?!?!?!

Krizia, if it’s that good why hasn’t every author on the planet started promoting his or her book on GoodReads?

Good question!

With so many positive factors, why hasn’t every author linked themselves to the GoodReads fountain of eternal success?

Despite the enormous potential for authors, the unfortunate truth about the GoodReads site is that it isn’t the most intuitive of platforms.

Many of the features are hidden, and some are more than a little confusing to use.

Authors often find themselves grappling around with the basic offerings, and often miss out on the most valuable aspects of the site and member base.

I have no doubt you won’t be able to master GoodReads marketing in one lesson, but I know these 3 simple tips will help you start seeing great results!

Here are 3 Simple Ways To Get More Book Sales From GoodReads Marketing

1. Give away your book to create a surge of interest. One of the best ways to encourage advance reviews for your newest book, build a buzz, and turn those avid readers into fans of your own writing is to host a GoodReads giveaway.

The GoodReads giveaway process is pretty simple:

a) Decide how many books you want to give away (they must be physical books, not eBooks)

b) Set a duration for how long the giveaway should run

c) GoodReads users can sign up to win a free book

d) GoodReads sends you the info for the winner/s so you can mail them your book

According to GoodReads’ site, over 40,000 users are entering giveaways every single day with an average of 825 people entering per giveaway. That’s a lot of exposure for you and your book and that’s what I call a surge of interest!

2. Give away autographed copies to make people feel special. Obviously you’ll need a hard copy of your book, but leverage the words “autographed copy” in caps in your description box and start sending out copies to those avid readers! That again will get you a surge of buzz as those readers receive their copy and start sharing the good news on social media.

3. Entice the GoodRead community to leave you reviews.

According to GoodReads, reviews on their site help your book stand out in two ways. They help new readers discover your book. The more people review your book, the more visible it will be.

GoodReads reviews also appear on sites like Powell’s, Google Books, and the Sony Ebook Store.

How much of a difference do GoodReads reviews make for your book sales?

Books with no written reviews are added, on average, by 7 people, while books with just five written reviews are added by more than 40 people!

By giving away books and by giving away autographed books, you increase your chances of getting reviews and that increases your chances of having more people discover your book!

There’s a lot more to learn about GoodReads marketing, but these three simple tips should get you started!

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