13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

12 9 2013 9 41 31 PM 13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

I’ve written in the past about the importance of an author site, but since I’ve been talking to more and more clients about this in recent consultancy sessions, I thought I’d highlight it again in a new post.

Your author website is your gateway to more book sales! It’s really that simple and it’s really that important.

In the past author sites were a big job and required you to know online marketing really well, but I’m happy to report I’ve change that.

I’ve co-created a Bestseller Approved WordPress Author Website that makes it so much easier for you to have a really professional presence online.

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That said, there are still some core fundamentals you need to understand in order to ensure your author website helps you sell more books.

Our Author Website templates does deal with a lot of the design issues, but I still want to go down the list to allow you to fully understand why certain elements are important.

Here are the top 13 elements of an Author Websites That sells more books:

1. Clean & impactful design. Clutter is your enemy when it comes to selling online. If you want visitors to your author website to take action and buy your book, you want to make it easy for them by minimizing the “noise”, aka visual clutter.

A clean author website will go a long way in helping you sell more books.

2. Strong presence. Your About Page is extremely important because it’s your chance to allow people to Know, Like & Trust you and eventually buy from you.

You’ll also want to keep your About Page clean and I’d recommend structuring your bio in.

Here are a few guidelines:

a. Start with a persuasive headline, that lets your visitor know what they can expect.

b. Reassure your readers that they are in the right place and tell them what your site will give them.

c. Strengthen your credibility with some testimonials, reader quotes or other forms of social proof (more on this below).

d. Tell your personal story. Frame your content around what lead you to writing, why you write the kind of books you do, what you love about it. Make sure your personality shines through! You can also include your writing credentials and professional associations.

e. If a visitor gets to this point in your about page, you’ve got them interested. Ask them to join your email list, and provide a link to your books, services or other products.

3. Make it easy for people to reach you. It’s crucial you include your contact information, as you never know who will approach you with an incredible opportunity! It’s also good customer service.

4. Build your list. It’s important that you find a way of capturing leads when people land on your author page. You don’t want to just offer free chapters of your book, you want to entice people to leave their name and email.

5. Rave Reviews. Showcase your reviews, as it’s social proof and a great way of getting people to buy base on how other people feel about your book.

6. Let them connect with you.The best way to connect with your raving fans is to leverage the power and transparency of video! You don’t have to be a professional to share a heartfelt message with your fans. Tell them how delighted you are that they chose to buy your book among all of the other options.

7. Sell them on your other books. If you have other books or if you’re writing a series, make sure to list your other books. In a recent survey, a whopping 83% of readers who boldly declared that when they finished reading your book, they wanted to know what else you, the author, has written!

8. Communicate regularly. There’s a reason why you’re collecting names and emails and it’s because you want to be able to keep a consistent flow of communication with your readers!

Send them updates and let them know of things to come.

12 9 2013 10 44 07 PM 13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

>>> You should also ensure to have an opt-in box at the bottom of your author website because people are lazy and many won’t want to scroll back up.

Here’s what ours looks like:

12 9 2013 10 44 28 PM 13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

9. Tell them where you’ll be next. If you’re doing in-city-book tours, make sure to let your audience know in advance and they can come up and hang out with you. You want to announce this on your author page, but you also want to let the people who signed-up for your list know about this as well!

10. Make it easy for the Press. You never (EVER) know when the press will come knocking. This year, I’ve not gone after the press like I have in past years, but my content and social media presence got me into Forbes, Toronto Star and just this week another reporter who read the feature in Toronto Star contacted me to see if she could write an article featuring me. My contact details and press information is always well featured on all my sites. Make sure to allow the press to easily find you by displaying your other features and your contact details!

11. Give something for free. You can obviously give out a free chapter of your book, but you can also give out reports, video or mp3 to allow people to connect with you in different ways.

12. Connect face to face. Leverage your list and send out invitations for people to spend time with you on a Google+ Hangout. Hangouts are an inexpensive way (they are free) to build a loyalty among your readers.

13. Make it easy for them to buy. Make sure that your “buy” buttons are very obvious and I’d suggest placing more than one.

Here’s an example of how we’ve made it easy for our clients to see sales, as we added two buy button on our author Website:

12 9 2013 10 46 31 PM 13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

12 9 2013 10 44 28 PM 13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

It’s true that I might be slightly bias, but I do think our Author Website is one of the best out there icon wink 13 Reasons Why You Sell More Books With An Author Website

>>> You’ll find more details here: Bestseller Approved WordPress Author Website

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