Sell More Books Using The Last Page Of Your Book

11 28 2013 8 33 48 PM Sell More Books Using The Last Page Of Your Book

One of the easiest ways to sell more books is to actually tell your readers about your other books in each book you write.

Now you might be thinking, OMG! Krizia! Do you mean I should include links to other books I’ve written in the last page of my book?

The resounding answer to that is YES!

I’ve always found it surprising how many clients hesitate to highlight some of the other amazing work they’ve done.

If you don’t want to take my word for it, then perhaps a recent GoodReads survey revealed a shocking fact that supports what I

just shared with you.

During the survey, GoodReads members were asked:

They were asked:  “What do you want to do when you get to the end of a book?”

The telling response was this:  83%wanted to see what else the author had written.

That’s a whopping 83% of readers who boldly declared that when they finished reading your book, they wanted to know what else you, the author, has written!

If this isn’t motivation to add an extra page to your book thanking readers and allowing them to know your other books, I don’t know what is.

If you’re writing a series, please (PLEASE) highlight that fact, as readers LOVE series.

Now, that survey also revealed a lot of other juicy information that I’ve shared on this blog and that I keep reminding many of my clients about:

* 75% of readers find more books similar to what they’ve just read

* 69% of readers discuss the book with friends

* 35%  of readers read other people’s reviews

How do you leverage this kind of invaluable information?

It’s really not all that complicated.

You want to make sure to add a page with a clear chapter title that let’s readers know this is the page for them to discover some of your other books.

I would recommend that you leverage your Amazon author page and include your other books.

My personal recommendation would be for you to include a tab on your author page that let’s visitors know you have other books to sell and this is the link I’d share on the last page of your book.

You always want people to sign-up to your list (so move them from Amazon to your own database). If you’ve build a solid author page that includes an optin box where visitors leave their name and email, you’ll effortlessly build your database.

Here’s how It would look like:

Chapter page title: Discover My Other books

Intro: Start by thanking the reader for buying your book and then write a compelling intro.

Your books: List each one of your other books. Add a link to you’re an author page where they can find out about your books. On that special page on your author site, I’d recommend hiding the link to Amazon by directly linking each title, so it’s a question of clicking directly.

Invite the reader to connect: I’d highly recommend that you tell the reader they can connect with you by leaving their name and email.

You can read the entire GoodReads survey here:


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