Wattpad Allows You To Engage with 10 Million Readers

wattpad Wattpad Allows You To Engage with 10 Million Readers

In 20013, Allen Lau has a big idea. He envisioned a mobile service that would let you read books on the go, and the content would largely consist of stories posted by other Internet users, not big name authors.

Think about it – 2003! Who was thinking of e-readers, reading emails on mobile phones or even the Kindle explosion.

Allen Lau is what I call a visionary. He saw a trend well before anyone else.

Not only Wattpad a real cool concept for authors looking to promote their books to a crowd of hungry book buyers, but it’s a

100% Canadian owned and operated company.

You know I had to plug that in!!!

Today, Wattpad boosts over 20 million Wattpad users who spend a total of about 4.5 billion minutes a month reading content!!!!!!!!!!!

The only downside about Wattpad is the fact that the site is mostly the domain of still-unknown writers working at their craft.

The site has attracted attention from some of the literary elite, including fellow Canadian Margaret Atwood.

Wattpad is one of the world’s largest communities for discovering and sharing stories.

It’s a new form of entertainment connecting readers and writers through storytelling, and best of all, it’s entirely free.

With thousands of new stories added every day, an incredibly active community of readers, and the ability to read on your computer, phone, or tablet, Wattpad offers a truly social, and entirely mobile reading experience.

With over 10 Million stories and millions more added every month, Wattpad is a must-add as part of your book marketing strategy.

Whether you write about love, mystery, steamy romance, paranormal or science fiction, Wattpad shares your story to its massive avid community – all for free!

By having your book on Wattpad, you’ll take advantage of opportunity to connect with millions of other readers and writers from around the world to share, discuss and discover your latest masterpiece.

You can also follow other authors, make reading lists, and interact with stories like never before.

It’s also another great tool for market research to find out which categories or types of books are the most popular.


This is what your book can look like on Wattpad

wattpad2 Wattpad Allows You To Engage with 10 Million Readers


Here’s another screenshot from Wattpad

wattpad3 Wattpad Allows You To Engage with 10 Million Readers


This is a cool Infographic about Wattpad

wattpad4 Wattpad Allows You To Engage with 10 Million Readers