Kindle Launchpad Review | How To Sell MORE Books On Kindle

kindle launchpad Kindle Launchpad Review | How To Sell MORE Books On Kindle

Would you like to know how to sell over 7,000 fiction books in 7 days? Keep reading!

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There are tremendous opportunities for fiction authors on Kindle because they are so popular and a quick-impulse-buy.

The only problem for most fiction authors is they’re really good at writing a great story, but not so much at building an audience and getting book sales.

Todd Jones is a fiction author and online marketer who has found the formula that allowed him to sell 7,000 fiction books in 7 days!

He’s recently created a product showing other fiction authors how to duplicate his success.

Kindle Launchpad, created by Todd Jones, is certainly very different from the plethora of Kindle products that seem to be popping up all over the place.

Kindle Launchpad is about creating huge sales volumes during the first week following the launch of a new book on Kindle.

I should at this point emphasize we’re talking about a book here, not a short story, although Todd’s method does involve writing two supplementary short stories as part of the promotion process.

The training is well laid out in step-by-step videos that help you understand exactly how to take your new fiction book fro freshly-published to creating a sales Tsunami!

The system consists of 9 concise videos and three PDFs.

I appreciated the fact that the videos were to-the-point. At the same time, the instruction didn’t gloss over the important parts.

The PDFs are similarly succinct, containing a summation of all of the essential information from the videos.

You can see how the system works in a single afternoon, and then come back to it when it’s time to implement particular phases.

Basically, the main PDF is a checklist to keep you on track, and a daily schedule of action steps. I’d say, the main PDF alone will have you glued to each page, taking in the wisdom being shared by someone who clearly walks the walk in what he is presenting.

Additionally, there are also 4 modules with slide videos.

These video tutorials elaborate on each step of Todd’s strategy in which to get reviews and get yourself and your book ‘noticed’ in very big ways.

These are not the traditional methods you’ll find in most books or online training on the topic.

Here’s a breakdown of the modules:

1. Book basics.

2. Marketing Done Easy, including every step you need to begin your marketing campaign on Goodreads, Facebook and a number of other places I won’t disclose and let you discover icon wink Kindle Launchpad Review | How To Sell MORE Books On Kindle

3. A module on “Giveaway Domination”, which is worth the price of the training on its own.

Additionally, there are two other modules that wrap everything up into a nice, profitable marketing event for you.

The strategies Todd Jones shares in his Kindle Launchpad training are on target and very actionable.

I wanted to be upfront and say, the Kindle Launchpad does require work because this is not a “make money in your sleep” training.

This training will work in helping you boost your book sales if you’re willing to follow every step as laid out by Todd Jones.

Todd Jones’ method focuses on the same type of book launch formula described in Kindle Bestseller Blueprint, but he’s added a number of book marketing strategies that he’s perfected with great results to allow him to see explosive sales in a very short period of time.

The main difference between the two methods is that Todd’s method requires one new full length book, plus two short stories whereas the Kindle Bestseller Blueprint required a few mini books to help promote your main book.

Just like Kindle Bestseller Blueprint, Todd Jones’ Kindle Launchpad can be implemented as you’re still writing your book.

In fact, you SHOULD start implementing your book marketing strategy well before you’re ready to publish your book if you want to see real results.

I’ll be honest, Todd Jones’ method is for those who want real results. If you don’t want to work for your Kindle success, then don’t buy this training, but if you’re serious, then this will surely help boost your sales.

I did receive this training to review, but this is a training I would have gladly purchased.

I’ve bought most products and training on Kindle and publishing in general and I have a plethora of books and Kindle e-books on the topic of self-publishing because I believe that if I can learn one new strategy, it’s well worth my time.

Todd Jones’ Kindle Launchpad offers a lot of incredible, creative and juicy strategies that can change your publishing business.

I’m so impress, that I’ll be studying Todd’s method and implementing for my future book launch and that of many of my book consultancy clients.

Here’s the link if you want to learn more: Kindle Launchpad.

You can watch the video showing you the program below: