10 Benefits of Becoming An Amazon Bestseller

9 17 2013 11 41 22 PM 10 Benefits of Becoming An Amazon Bestseller

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Writing a book is an incredible accomplishment! That said, given the new publishing era we live in, publishing your own book has never been easier!!!

Given this new reality, authors have to take it up a notch in order to stand out. It’s no longer good enough to publish or self-publish your own book, you also have to become a Bestseller to really get people to pay attention.

It might never have seemed all that important to you to become a bestselling author, but by the time you’ve finished reading this article, I’m sure I’ll have convinced you of the powerful benefits of adding “Amazon Bestseller” to your title.

One of the important things to keep in mind is that striving to become an Amazon Bestseller has nothing to do with a get-rich-quick-trick.

It takes a lot of work, preparation and desire to reach that status.  You have to want that bestselling author title and when you want it that badly, you’ll make sure to do some of the crucial steps in getting your book into that coveted position.

First of all, Amazon Bestsellers are quality books. It’s true that one or two might not meet that criterion, but for the most part, bestselling authors publish great quality books.

The second important factor is that Amazon Bestsellers are exposed to a huge crowd of raving fans who are more than happy to let other people know about a book and who are too happy to buy the book the second it comes out.

There are a few Amazon Bestsellers who’ve been incredibly lucky, but for the most part, these talented writers follow a strategic book marketing plan.

Before I talk further about the book marketing aspect of becoming an Amazon Bestseller, I’d like to go over the 10 Benefits of Becoming an Amazon Bestseller:

1. Sell WAY More Books. Once your book becomes a Bestseller, Amazon’s powerful marketing machine will kick into gear and they’ll showcase your book even more – which will get you MORE sales.

2. Increase Your Credibility. A well-coordinated and executed book marketing campaign will help you get massive exposure among your peers, clients and raving fans. A well-run campaign can potentially expose hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of people to your book and your brand.

3. Become An Instant Authority. A bestselling book sets you apart and gives you instant credibility. As a bestselling author, you’ll naturally have more recognition and you’ll be more likely to be considered as the “go-to” person in your field.

4. Receive Offers For Lucrative Speaking Engagements. Once you become that bestselling author, you’ll be able to receive fees for your speaking engagements. You’ll also have the opportunity to appear on stage along with other high profile speakers and that just raises your own profile even more.

5. Increase Your Fees. Now that you’ve reached that “EXPERT STATUS”, it’s much easier for you to increase your fees on your consultancy services and coaching packages. In fact, if you don’t charge high enough prices for your services you could lose credibility.

6. Fill Your Events More Easily. The fact that a lot of people bought your book to raise it to bestseller status is proof that you have something to say worth listening to. This will make filling your LIVE events a breeze … in any economy.

7. Attracting Foreign Publishers. As a bestselling author, it’s much easier to have editors approach you about international rights and distribution. Even as a bestselling self-published author, you have the potential of getting signed by a big publisher.

8. Create Other Joint Venture Partnerships. If your book marketing campaign is well managed and successful, you’ll find a series of top joint venture partners more than interested in promoting your book and services to their own clients.

9. Substantially Increase Your Own Opt-In List. Running a successful book marketing campaign on Amazon, offers an INCREDIBLE opportunity for you to increase the number of subscribers to your list. The magic of Amazon is to get that hungry crowd back to your own website in order to start a long-lasting relationship with them and let them know abut your other products and services.

10. Generate Large Volumes Of Traffic. If you’re strategic in the way you craft your book marketing campaign, you can find yourself with a massive new group of potential clients begging to know more about you.

In order to increase your chances of becoming an Amazon Bestseller, I’ve created a powerful report that will share a strategy that will allow you to not only be a published author, but also to become a Bestseller. You can download it here: Kindle Bestseller Blueprint.

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***I’m giving away a report showing you how to become an Amazon Bestseller. Here’s the link: Kindle Bestseller Blueprint

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