Ugly Baby by Kim Duke

Kim Duke, aka The Sales Diva, talks about her new book Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear And Give Birth To Your Odd Idea, Start A Business, Or Invent Something Cool.

The inspiration for her book is very interesting – it’s all about helping women surpass fears they share with her behind closed doors.

Women won’t admit publicly to their fears, but they will one-on-one and it’s amazing what paralyzes us.

Kim tackles this in her book and offers real solutions women can use to overcome fears that keep us playing small.

You’ll find that many of Kim’s advice resembles Sheryl Sandberg’s Lean In: Women, Work, and the Will to Lead Ugly Baby by Kim Duke message. Although most of us are free to pursue any dreams we might have, it’s incredible how many of us hold our brilliance hostage.

This interview is fascinating and you’ll be able to understand how Kim Duke pushes women outside their boundaries to play a bigger game in the world!

>>> What You’ll Learn During This Interview:

  1. Why does Kim Duke want women to smarten the hell up
  2. Why Kim chose to write a book on fear instead of on sales
  3. What are 3 easy tips that can help more viewers “re-invest” their Ugly Baby
  4. Why Kim injected a lot of humour in a book on a topic that can be paralyzing to most women
  5. Feedback Kim has been receiving from her readers on how they’re integrating her advice
  6. The most surprising outcome for Kim’s business since publishing her book

kimduke Ugly Baby by Kim Duke>>> About the Author, Kim Duke:

Kim Duke is an author, speaker and the founder of The Sales Divas and The Sales School For Women. Her extensive sales background was based in the media – 15 years working with 2 of Canada’s largest national television networks in sales and management.

Kim is also a national award winning salesperson – and was the second youngest sales manager in Canada for CBC Television (Canada’s oldest network).

You can buy Kim Duke’s Ugly Baby Book Here:
Ugly Baby: How To Get Over Fear And Give Birth To Your Odd Idea, Start A Business, Or Invent Something Cool. Ugly Baby by Kim Duke


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