How to Use Google+ for Book Promotion

Google How to Use Google+ for Book Promotion

I’m a huge Google+ fan and have been since earlier this year. I’ll admit to being late at the party, but once I discovered the power of Google+ Hangouts, I was a convert.

I’ll admit to having opened a Google+ account a year ago, but I really wasn’t doing much and quite frankly found Google+ to be another painful social media site I was forced to manage to increase my visibility.

After having a really hard time finding a good platform for Live interviews, my discovery of Google+ Hangouts was a life changing moment and since then I’ve been an evangelist telling anyone who wants to listen of the merits of Google+ for your business.

In fact, my love of Google+ landed me in Forbes Magazine! You can read the article here: Here’s Help To Get Your Business Started With Google+ Hangouts On Air

Google+ was lagging behind the other social media platforms (and yes, it’s FAR MORE than a simple social media platform, but it’s the easiest way to summarize it for you), but it’s fast becoming a force to be reckoned with since surpassing Twitter as the 2nd most popular social media platform.

Google+ currently boasts more than 500 million registered users, putting it officially second to Facebook. And unlike Facebook, the culture of Google+ encourages users to seek each other out based on mutual interests, rather than past or present real life connections.

This is great news for authors and book marketers like myself (and a lot of the clients I work with) because people on Google+ expect to be followed by people they don’t necessarily know. I’ll admit that things have changed on Facebook and more and more people are becoming business minded, but it’s still a different culture than Google+.

I’ve read on many author forums that authors are unsure of the merits of Google+ and concerned it would add to their already over booked schedule.

There are so many incredible marketing strategies authors can leverage on Google+ that I felt compelled to write a post sharing my enthusiasm about one of the best kept marketing secrets right now in the book publishing world and I hope I’ll be able to convince you to start taking Google+ more seriously for your marketing.

Here Are 4 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Google+ Efforts:

1. Fill out your profile completely. Don’t skip this part. It’s tempting to be lazy about filling out yet another social media profile, but Google+ is one place where you want to have a complete profile including a photo, bio, and list of websites you contribute to (even if it’s just your own blog), has a demonstrable impact on search results.

2. Find your interests. Use Google+’s search just like you would Google’s and search for keywords relating to topics you’re interested in. You’ll find individual users and even whole communities dedicated to almost everything you can think of! I’ve been able to connect with photography communities and that’s been an incredible experience that’s not totally related to my business, but keeps me engaged on Google+. You can also connect with other authors for support by doing a few searches.

3. Explore the Circles. Circles allow you to categorize your Google+ connections. If there are certain groups you want to communicate with in private, the circles are a great way to do so without having to share that specific content with the rest of your Google+ community. I’ll admit to having a few communities, but I always share my content publicly.  You can create an Author’s circle to share links that will be of special interest to help other authors on their journey.

4. Use Hashtags. Just like Twitter and Facebook, Hashtags are big on Google+, and Google will even add them automatically to your post if you’re talking about something popular enough. Regular weekly hashtags include #WordlessWednesday #CoffeeThursday and, of course, #Caturday. Hashtags are a great way to get your content seen by more people and get more new Google+ users to add you to their circles!

Here Are 3 Ways You Can Use Google+ To Promote Your Book And Get More Sales:

1. Use Google+ Hangouts for your book launch. I recently did an interview with an author from the U.K. who got her book to the top of the charts because of a series of promotional Google+ Hangouts! These were very causal Hangouts, but they allowed her audience to connect with her and support her during her book launch. If you want MORE book sales, you’ll NEED to allow people to get to know, like and trust you. From my experience, video is the fastest way to accomplish this goal and LIVE that’s video to the next level of connection.

2. Use Google+ Hangouts for book marketing masterminds. You can create weekly mastermind meetings with peer writers to help you expand your reach and leverage other people’s experience. The great thing with Hangouts is that you can have a video mastermind and connect with people from all over the world. Your mastermind can become a great support network when it’s time to do your book launch so it pays to connect with your peers early on.

3. Use YouTube to create video diaries and get your readers involved early in the process. So many authors are afraid of sharing content from their book as they write and think that keeping it for the big reveal is a sure way of getting big sales. The more you engage your ideal readers in your writing journey, the easier it will be for you to get more sales. A video diary is a great way of sharing your woo and whoa writing moments and to allow your audience to give you feedback. By the time your book is ready for sales, you’ll already have a group of raving fans who are totally engaged and will be dying to read the full book.

One last thing I should elaborate on that I mentioned earlier is that Google+ is far more than a Twitter or a Facebook. You can manage all of your Google+ platforms from your Google+ account.

The Google+ “social platform” per se is crowded with some of the top Internet marketers and tech people and you’ll notice the content that’s shared there is quite different – it’s more business oriented than Facebook, but more interactive than LinkedIn.

As an author, you should really embrace Google+, as Google owns it and we all know Google is King Kong on the Internet. If you want more people to find your blog and book, get on Google+ and start interacting!

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