31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones

JP Jones has managed to find time to write two bestselling books while managing 5 successful companies.

Her latest book 31 Days of Marketing 31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones is a simple instructional guide for small businesses who are looking to understand the basics of marketing.

JP’s book has won numerous awards and I’d reckon it’s because her book is simple, practical and most importantly easy to implement.

For intent purposes, a newbie to marketing can pick up JP book and in a little over one month can have a good understanding of marketing and feel empowered.

In this interview JP Jones shares more about her book writing and book marketing journey.

>>> What You’ll Learn During This Interview:

1. Why JP Jones was compelled to write her book when there were other marketing books on the market.

2. How JP’s readers and many of her clients are implementing the strategies she shares.

3. What secret element JP has included in the book that boost implementation among readers.

4. Why simplifying your knowledge as an expert is the way to go in terms of creating a book readers use as a guidebook and bring value to their business and life.

5. Three quick tips you can apply immediately in your business.

jp 31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones>>> About the Author, JP Jones:

JP Jones wears many hats. Among them are graphic designing, web designing, social media marketing, teaching, book publishing, blogging and writing. The author of “Market Yourself: A Beginner’s Guide to Social Media”, JP is the owner of Paige1Media & Paige1Publishing, a graphic design firm and publishing company that work with domestic and international clients on projects ranging from basic logo development to magazine and book design.

Her firms are contracted in joint venture with Collipsis Web Solutions, LLC. which handles Web Design and Development for clients around the world. Jones has also served as an adjunct instructor at Oral Roberts University, teaching classes for the Communications Department.

Jones has had the honor of winning over 170 awards for her design and promotions work over the years. In 2010 she was named one of the Top 101 Female Bloggers to Watch by WE Magazine.

You’ll want to check out this site for more details: JP Jones

You can buy JP Jones’ Book Here:

 31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones 31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones

31 Days of Marketing 31 Days of Marketing by JP Jones

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