12 reasons to tell a story to sell your business!


whats your story 12 reasons to tell a story to sell your business!

As authors, we know that storytelling sells your book.

There’s a reason why books like Angels & Demons – Movie Tie-In 12 reasons to tell a story to sell your business! by Dan Brown or the Special Edition Harry Potter Paperback Box Set 12 reasons to tell a story to sell your business! by J.K. Rowling sell millions upon millions of copies. Even non-fiction that are well crafted around a story can sell millions – Chicken Soup for the Soul: Stories to Open the Heart and Rekindle the Spirit 12 reasons to tell a story to sell your business! is undoubtedly the best example.

Storytelling sells books because people get caught up in the story and the feelings around the story.

That said, so many businesses forget to include storytelling in their business in order to engage with their clients even more!

If you’ve written a book, even a non-fiction book, you know that the story iswhat keeps people turning the pages and referring the book to their tribe – although not very well written, Fifty Shades of Grey: Book One of the Fifty Shades Trilogy 12 reasons to tell a story to sell your business! became a phenomenon because it was a real page turner and women from around the world were salivating over each page.

Unfortunately, few businesses use storytelling in their business to draw the customer in, when in fact, storytelling communicates events and ideas, and helps people relate and engage through narrative. Storytelling can help your business grow when it’s well done.

Here are 12 reasons why you NEED to think like an author when you approach your marketing:

  1. Storytelling helps build brand loyalty.
  2. People like brands they can connect to (if you’re a solopreneur, coach, consultant or professional you ARE the brand and people want to connect to you).
  3. Cultural relevance is key to connecting with your ideal clients.
  4. Storytelling lets your audience know “you’re just like them” and that’s a powerful way of creating engagement.
  5. Storytelling answers a primordial need. By that I mean that we’ve been learning as species via storytelling from the beginning of time. It’s how children learn and that still remains the way most adults want to learn.
  6. We are innately wired to understand the world we live in via stories & narratives.
  7. A story gives you an experience like nothing else. That’s why brands that engage the best with their clients use storytelling because they tap into feelings that enhance the experience for consumers. That fundamental experiential feeling is what connects your clients to you.
  8. Social media has killed the brochure-like advertisement most companies operated from. Social media networks are making it much easier for companies to tell their story AND for clients to embrace that story and that’s increased the loyalty among clients.
  9. Social media has empowered companies to remove the mask and show a more humane side thanks to the daily bits of storytelling they share daily on social media. Be it a blog post, a tweet, a few photos shared on Tumblr, a video shared on YouTube or a full pledge campaign, everyday is a new opportunity for you to create a powerful experience for your clients around the content you share.
  10. Your stories will allow you to stand out in the client’s mind making client retention a breeze. The best way to break free from the sameness of your competitors is to inject your flavour via the stories you share.
  11. Storytelling allows your clients to see your personality. BlendTecblenders have done a superb job at using their CEO to tell these corky stories on video and that’s helped the company explode its revenues in a short period of time via YouTube’s viral power.
  12. When you are willing and open to share your woos at the same levels as your whoas you really allow your clients to see you are as human as they are. This might be a fine balancing act for larger companies, but with a little bit of creativity – it’s possible.

The next time something (good and not so good) happens in your business or life, use it to connect with your audience! It will create the kind of unshakable bound that is essential for you to stand out, connect and grow your business.