Old Book Hits Bestseller In 30 Days

I nearly lost my second breakfast of the day when someone in my Kindle Marketing mastermind shared the link to this jaw-dropping training.

I mean, we ALL have old books (or newer ones) that are NOT performing like we’d wish.

If you’re a Kindle author, you’ll really love this new training!

Best 2015 Kindle Training For Authors

Here are a few 2015 Kindle Trainings And Kindle Software you’ll want to make sure you own to help you move your publishing business forward!

Let’s be honest, there have been a lot of trainings that have come out in the past few months and I’m sure it must be challenging to keep track of everything.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a mash-up of all the Kindle training & software for 2015 that came out in one convenient post.

Best 2014 Kindle Training & Software For Authors

Here are a few Kindle trainings and Kindle software you’ll want to make sure you own to help you move your publishing business forward!

Let’s be honest, there have been a lot of trainings that have come out in the past few months and I’m sure it must be challenging to keep track of everything.

That’s why I’ve decided to create a mash-up of all the Kindle training & software that came out in one convenient post.

I also wanted to let you know that I’ve listed in a special category, the trainings I’ve used to help me rebrand myself under a pen name for my fiction series.

How To Sell More Books With KDP Select

Rob Howard, the silent KINDLE NINJA, has done it again!

This new training will allow me to put the entire first series back into KDP select and see some pretty stellar results and show you how to go from 1 to 30 sales/day INSTANTLY!

Rob’s training is an in-depth case study of an author who went from selling 1 book a day to over 30 books a day with a very simple strategy that any author, fiction or nonfiction, can apply to seriously boost their Amazon royalties.

I’m not going to lie, I’ve not had a chance to take a look at the review copy, but I know Rob and I know his training is solid.

How Make $15,000 Per Month Writing Romance Fiction

Cory Friedman is back. He has joined forces with a fellow who is making $25,000 with his romance publishing business.

This product will show you how to (it’s part video/part PDF):

* Generates romance books quickly

* Grabbing 50+ positive reviews with the click of a button

*And each book is guaranteed to earn at least 100 bucks a month.

Sounds CRAZY?

How to Write Cliffhangers That SELL More Books

All things being equal, once readers are introduced to a book they like, they’re more likely to want to buy the next book in the series.

But soooooo many indie authors get this whole books series strategy WRONG!

If you’re a fiction author or your outsource fiction books, this training is soooooooo for you!

Mr. O (aka Bolaji) has just put out KD Addiction—a 49-page step-by-step guide that teaches you how to turn your readers into addicted fans.

How To Rank A Non Fiction Book At #1 On Amazon

My mastermind colleague, Derek Doepker, beat out Tony Robbins in the top 100 sold category for a weight loss book.

He entered a new niche (for him), self help, which as you know is hyper competitive. He ended up #1 in that category, beating out DaleCarnegie’s famous “How to Win Friends and Influence People”.

And those aren’t the only niches he’s dominated.

***His proof is huge*** – with close to 3000 sales in one day for one book, and a slew of #1 titles in various niches, Derek has discovered what he calls “The Secret Formula” to nonfiction book sales, and he wants to share it with you.

PROVEN Blueprint To Amazon BESTSELLER Status

Holy Amazon PROVEN Blueprint!!!

If you’ve ever wanted to know how ordinary authors become Bestsellers…THIS IS THE training for you!

There are so many things for me to be grateful for in the past week:

* My latest erotica romance book hit a ranking of 3000 in Amazon’s paid listing (I published one week ago)

* I’ve added over NEW 400 fans to my Facebook fan page since hitting 1000 fans last Friday (that’s nearly 100 new fans/day)

* I’m getting so many five-star reviews for my latest book, it’s making my head spin.

How to Turn Your Books Into Digital Magazines

Imagine spending 4-5 hours/month working on your digital magazine and making $5,000/month!

I’ll be honest, the first time I heard of online magazines, I thought, “Is it just me, or does creating a digital magazine seem like way too much work?”

That’s how I felt when Sam England’s newest product came across my virtual desk last week, but a few members of my Kindle mastermind explained how brilliantly Sam has managed to make his entire winning process as easy as pie.

How to Write Romance That SELLS!

So you want to write a romance?

You can feel it inside you but 50,000-120,000 words is a lot of words. Writing them needs a lot of time, a lot of heart-ache. All over the world there are drawers crammed with manuscripts — just started, halfway through, nearly done.

It’s no secret that romance novels have appealed to women for decades. According to research conducted by the Romance Writers of America, 91 percent of the genre’s readers are female.

How To Write Book Descriptions That SELL Books

When it comes to self-publishing, I know how frustrating it can be, especially when you’re first getting started.

There’s a ton of information out there about self-publishing and much of it is conflicting.


Just take a deep breath before you read the rest of this email.

You see at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter what marketing methods you use or don’t use…if the person looking at your book doesn’t buy it.

How to Write a Good Plot | Done-For-You Fiction Plots

In my unique position, I get lots of opportunities to talk to other book authors about their failures and successes. I get to see their personal challenges and victories from the inside.

One lesson I have taken over and again is that those who see the greatest success with fiction books are those who create their books in a series.

When I share those stories, the biggest challenge I discover people facing is how to come up with the ideas they need to write their first, second or fifth fiction book in a series.

That’s why I’m so excited by Bill Platt’s new service that offers pre-written plots, written as a series.

Scrivener for Authors

Did you know Scrivener is the #1 Tool That Six Figure Authors Use?

Like a lot of authors, I bought Scrivener and it’s been sitting on my desktop waiting for me to figure it out.


I couldn’t figure it out. Every time I opened the platform, I’d get discouraged!

Here’s the thing: Scrivener is a tool that allows you to quickly and easily write your fiction and nonfiction books…and it’s one of the best on the market.


My friend Bill surprised all of us by letting us know he had been selling these amazing training specifically created for fiction authors to his list of clients. It seems his students have been EXTREMELY grateful for the boost and opportunity to improve on their writing and grab their readers from the first sentence and [...]

How To GET 63 4.5-Star Amazon REVIEWS

If you’re like me, new book launches make you nervous.

And it’s because of one thing, and one-thing only.

***Review trolls.***

If you’ve published anything on Amazon, you realize that there are marauding readers out there, who will maliciously and intentionally leave you undeserved 1-star reviews!

MOST In-Demand Romance Niche on Amazon

There is no denying that romance is a powerhouse genre that captures the minds and hearts of readers. If you’d like to be a profitable author and publisher, then romance is a one of the best genres to publish in.

In this training, Amy Harrop is going to unlock one of the most in-demand romance categories that can be adapted to a wide variety of subgenres: BBW-themed romance. BBW stands for big, beautiful woman and highlights female protagonists who are curvy or full-figured.

How To Write A Book Series That Sells!

Have you heard? Book series is the WAY to go when it comes to real sustainable income on Amazon, but here’s the kicker…

…Writing fiction can be REALLY hard…at least it is if you intend to write well enough to sell your work.

First, there’s the anything-but-simple question: “What kind of series do you want to write?”

10 Tips To Creating An AMAZING Kindle Book Cover


Professional Kindle Cover in 10 Minutes or LESS???   Having a professional looking book cover has such a huge importance on an author’s book success. If you have a book cover that’s been done poorly would directly affect your book sales and even your credibility. People who spend hours online browsing the web tend to [...]

35 Book Marketing Ideas That Will You Sell MORE Books

Now that you’ve done research for your self-published book, you’re ready to learn the basics of book marketing. If you haven’t yet done your research to boost your book discovery, make sure to read the blog post I wrote here: 18 Things You Need To Know About Self-Publishing Your Book

We have covered 5 reasons on why your book is not selling previously and one of the reasons cited is that you don’t like marketing. In fact, you hate marketing. However, marketing is a great factor in helping you with your book’s sales.

27 Ways To Find More Blog Content Ideas!

Let’s face it, content creation is really difficult: whether it’s writing website copy, crafting social content, or writing whitepapers and e-books.

It’s even more difficult when you are an author and you have to write content for your book and then find inspiration to write content for your blog.

Authors who leverage the book launch formula have even more content to write and the same applies to any business owner doing an online marketing – between the emails, sales page and social media content you have to write, you might consider that you’ve hit your quota of content creation.

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